Fight 1:1 (2011)-Bengali Movie Review: Tapas Pal-Shatabdi

Satabdi Roy in Fight 1:1 Bengali MovieFeb 17, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Fight 1:1 is a 2011 Bengali movie directed by Debaditya with in Tapas Pal, Satabdi Roy, Paran Bandopadhyay, Dolon Roy and others in the cast. Read the Bengali movie review at Calcutta Tube.


  • Producer: Saibal Chakraborty
  • Direction: Debaditya
  • Music: Rathijit
  • Story: Satabdi Roy
  • Cast: Tapas Pal, Satabdi Roy, Paran Bandopadhyay, Dolon Roy, Raj, Raja, Pamela, Mouli and others
  • Rating: 02/10

Satabdi Ray in Fight 1:1 Bengali MovieA couple of months back, one saw a similar theme in a Bengali film called Jor Jar Muluk Tar mainly dealing with lawlessness in a college campus created by the rivalry between two rival gangs of young students who are brought down to earth by their new professor portrayed by Prosenjeet. Replace Prosenjeet with Satabdi Roy who steps in as Parbati Sanyal the new and strict principal in the college, takes control of the situation and the film becomes Fight 1:1. The premise is different from the former film though.  It lies in the strict Principal’s fascist rules she establishes that seem passé in modern times. The basic premise is that Sanyal believes that a platonic relationship between a boy and a girl cannot exist and somewhere along the way, it will change to love and perhaps, something more. Strangely, as if she has stepped out of the pages of patriarchal history, she bans bikes, sunglasses, cell phones, fashionable attire and specially, free mixing between the sexes in a coed college! Can you believe this? One of the two girls who play the leads, namely Raka (Mouli) challenges this premise but loses it when she falls in love with who she thinks she had a very warm friendly relationship with.

Rathijit’s debut as music director is no great shakes in spite of Rupam Islam’s angry title number, this is the fight, fight fight, this is the fight picturised very aggressively on Rupam himself. Raja who plays Rohit and Raj who plays Julius the respective leaders of the rival gangs who make their debut in the film, fail to impress while Mouli’s Raka and Pamela’s Tiyash are more peppered with better performances that suffer from a weak script and weaker characterisations. Raj and Raja should learn that pure muscle power cannot be translated to good acting and that one needs to reach beyond pumping and workouts to appeal to the audience. Paran Bandopadhyay as the absent-minded professor with a keen eye on the girls including the principal triggers some laughs in the audience. Tapas Pal as the principal’s husband gives solid support though he could do well by shedding off some kilos to better his screen appearance. It is Satabdi Roy who, as Parbati Sanyal in her starched blue-bordered white sari with body language and expression to match, carries the film solely on her strong shoulders, allowing some of her MP persona to spill over into the character and infuse some life into this not quite meaningful film. In an era of MTV music videos, Big Boss and other Reality shows, one wonders how an intelligent and sharp Satabdi who is also a forceful poet and writer could think of such a feudal and absurd storyline.

The film deserves a rating of two on ten solely on the strength of Satabdi Roy’s performance and the ‘original’ storyline.

Shoma A. Chatterji

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