FESTIVAL SPECIAL: Janmashtami ka twist in the serials


The occasion of Lord Krishna’s birth brings in lots of happiness and joy in the lives of people. Over here in television, it has brought the same joy of hope in our shows too, with lots of twist and turns in the lives of our protagonists this Janmashtami; you can be sure the goodness of little makhan chor is rubbing off on everyone.

This Janmashtami, the first twist that we are talking about is of Bhaskar Bharti, where Bharti comes to know the truth about KK- that he is God, and at the same time the protagonist is able to achieve her destiny of getting the haveli back for her parents. There was a celebration of dhai handi where Bharti breaks the handi to the surprise her colleagues.

On the other hand, Choti Bahu is also very excited on this occasion, as she is a devotee of Lord Krishna and as today is his birthday, she with the other family members of Zee TV will make this moment grand by celebrating it in a unique way. On the other hand, today Radhika will be getting the love of her life, as Dev will be proposing her for marriage. This has always been the dream of Radhika, but now the twist arises whether she will accept the proposal of Dev knowing that he is the husband of her sister Vishaka.

Star Plus, not to be left behind, offers to unveil a buried secret; as on the event of this festive day there is a big twist to be unfolded in Bidaai- Ranvir will discover the truth behind the murder of his grandfather and the condition of Alekh. Where as of now Alekh will be trying hard to lead a normal life and would see to it that the needs of his wife Sadhana are fulfilled.

Making the most out of festivals these TV shows know their audience well. It is during such festive seasons when all the twist and turns are revealed in order to get ahead in the race of TRP’s. Well such are the stories of serials and their ratings, where every occasion or festival is bound to create waves, only this time it’s for good as Kanhaiya weaves his charm on daily drama to bring immense joy!

We wish you all a happy and eventful Janmashtami.

-Rachana Trivedi/ Sampurn Media

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