Fera (2008) Tollowood Bangla Movie!

Fera (2008) Tollowood Bangla Movie!
Directed by: Partha Sarathi Joardar
Casts: Rituparna Sengupta, Shilajeet


Fera leseaded just about a week back in Calcutta and running in many movie halls including “Minar, Bijali, Chhabighar“. Rituparna Sengupta is back in another bengali film with this release with Shilajeet! Shilajeet is doing many roles scatteredly apart from singing in albums and in live programs. I have not yet seen the movie so don’t have any great idea about it. If you have watched the movie, please write a review for our users.

In the mean time you can watch some old Rituparna Sengupta Movies such as:

  1. Shwet Pathorer Thala
  2. Debi Pakksha
  3. Alo
  4. Utsab
  5. Dahan
  6. Paromitar Ek Din
  7. Atmiya Swajan

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