Female celebrities endorse International Women’s Day

Mumbai, March 7 (Calcutta Tube) Some feel International Women’s Day is about creating awareness towards certain issues, some feel it is to celebrate womanhood and celebrities like actress Raveena and author Shobha De welcome the special occasion.

Here are the views of some female celebrities on International Women’s Day that falls on March 8:


Raveena Tandon: Honestly, I think Women’s Day is celebrated on the note of trying to be more aware so that media focuses more on women’s problem, women issues, violence against women and all these things. It’s not that Women’s Day is for sudden empowerment of women. It does not happen. I think it works as a purpose to bring awareness towards certain issues. Yes, it’s an honour for women that they have a day to celebrate the achievements of women who have gone against all odds and achieved something in life.


Shobhaa De: It is a symbolic day that has assumed certain significance over the years. I try and make time to attend special functions that focus on women’s issues in a serious way. It reminds us of our own special place in society, and it is definitely a day to celebrate, especially in a country like ours, which has a poor track record of how it treats its women.


Prachi Desai: We are really fortunate to be born in families so liberal, so educated, broadminded, independent that it helps us grow. But there are many unfortunate women too. This day is also about reaching out to all those women. This particular day brings that to notice.


Minissha Lamba: I am proud to be a woman of this century. Its a blessing for me as we are mentally and emotionally stronger than men. Today, women are reaching such great heights not only on the domestic front but also professionally. I gracefully celebrate womanhood. Today women are able to take up challenges with better elan and confidence than men.


Aarti Chabbaria: I am very happy to be a woman. It’s us who have the strength to express our views nonchalantly. But my heart goes out to the women of our nation staying in the interiors. Every day one hears stories of rape, dowry harassment cases and female infanticide. These women need help and be made to be aware of their rights in the society. It is in these small towns that one needs to bring about a drastic change. The day we succeed in doing it, we know for sure that Indian women have finally come of age.

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