Father-son duo arrested for mobile phone theft

New Delhi, May 20 (Calcutta Tube) A father-son duo have been arrested while trying to escape after stealing a mobile phone in central Delhi, police said Thursday.

‘We have arrested a father-son duo who employed a unique modus-operandi for stealing mobile phones after diverting the attention of their victims,’ a senior police official said.

Daulat, 40, would deliberately come in front of slow moving two-wheelers and then cry out for help, pretending to have been hit by the vehicle. Meanwhile, his son Nitin, 21, would steal the mobile phone, cash or valuables from the pocket of the two-wheeler’s driver.

The duo used their usual strategy in Nabi Karim area Wednesday but this time the alert motorcyclist in front of whom Daulat came, sounded an alarm over the theft of his mobile phone.

‘Our team patrolling the area chased and apprehended both Daulat and Nitin,’ the police official added.

According to police official, the case had a special significance because a serial offender like Daulat, against whom a few cases have been registered previously, ‘was giving tutorials to his son in committing crime’.

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