Fan responsible for Singer Zubeen Garg’s hairloss

Guwahati, Jan 30 (Calcutta Tube) Fans are known to do crazy things. But Assam’s singing sensation Zubeen Garg of ‘Ya Ali’ fame was taken aback when he realised that a woman fan had stealthily chopped off his ponytail at a recording studio here.

The incident took place late Friday when Zubeen was busy dubbing an Assamese number at the DG Music Studio in Guwahati.


‘I suddenly found that my ponytail was missing and then found a woman fan of mine, who seems to be a little crazy, holding the lock of hair and shouting at me. What could I do?’ Zubeen told journalists.


Friends and acquaintances later shoved the woman out of the studio.


‘The woman had on earlier occasions attended some of my functions and even danced on stage,’ Zubeen said.


The singer is at his wit’s end, and so are some of his friends and well wishers, as Zubeen is currently shooting an Assamese TV serial ‘Anuradha’ where he is supposed to sport the ponytail.


‘There are some sequences left for shooting and for continuity we need the ponytail. Without Zubeen’s ponytail, the shooting would be incomplete. We have to find other ways to maintain the continuity in the serial,’ one of the make-up artists of the serial said.


The news of Zubeen’s ponytail cut by a woman fan has spread like wild fire as he is considered the heartthrob of the young generation in Assam.


‘I got the news late Friday and immediately rushed to the studio to find out what happened and how Zubeen looked without the ponytail,’ said Zublee, a female co-singer who accompanies Zubeen in most of the stage shows.


Fortunately for Zubeen, he managed to get the lock of hair back from the woman.


‘Look at this ponytail. Maybe some people don’t like me to wear a ponytail,’ Zubeen said in a jovial manner.

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