Exasperation continues for this Pakistani restaurateur

New Delhi, Nov 17 (IANS) He came here hoping to do brisk business at the India International Trade Fair (IITF) but Pakistan-based restaurateur Shahid Bundu Khan says he got entangled in an ‘unprecedented’ web of formalities and procedures.

The man from Karachi struggled to participate in the fair right from the day he sought permission as the organisers denied him the nod to set up a stall – for no clear reasons, he says. However, he was finally permitted just a few days before the fair commenced.

But his problems continued. Even as a stall has been allotted to him, he cannot yet sell his famous kebabs and biryanis.

‘The organisers want a trade license issued by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Delhi Police,’ 47-year-old Khan told IANS.

‘The MCD said it will take 10 days to issue the license and the police are refusing to allot the NOC without the license,’ he added.

‘The organisers confirmed my participation Nov 11. I was delighted. But now that I have reached here, they are again creating a fuss. The behaviour is unprecedented,’ Khan maintained.

He said he was never told about the trade license and now with all the complications, he might not be able to participate.

‘Moreover, the stall allotted to me is still under construction and is situated in a secluded corner of the Pakistan pavilion,’ Khan said.

‘I requested them (the organisers) to exchange the stall with a vacant one which was more suitably located but they refused to budge, citing no particular reason,’ he added.

Pakistan Pavilion director Mazhar Mufti said: ‘Khan has participated in the trade fair earlier too but never did he go through so much of discomfort.’

The IITF, which began Sunday, attracts a large Pakistani delegation which usually sells the country’s well-known textiles, crafts and food. Khan had last come here in 2008, when he had done roaring business.

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