‘Every judgement should have human touch’

New Delhi, Feb 11 (IANS) Every judgement should have a ‘human touch’, outgoing Chief Justice of Delhi High Court Ajit Prakash Shah said Thursday.

‘The human element should be there in every justice delivery system. The human touch is important in every issue that we as judges decide,’ Shah told reporters on his last working day, which is his birthday as well.

In his one year and nine months tenure as chief justice of the Delhi High Court, Shah initiated various reforms like e-courts, mediation centre, arbitration centre and permanent Lok Adalat.

Asked how the media should report, Shah said: ‘It’s a debatable issue, and the media should itself be answerable. We don’t need legislations for this. I have very intimate connection with the Delhi High Court.’

He also warned the judiciary to see that Public Interest Litigations (PIL) are not misused. ‘The PIL is grossly misused these days. The aim of PIL is to help the weakest section of the society. It should be dealt with utmost care.’

Stressing the need to set up over 250 lower courts to ease the pendency of cases, Shah said: ‘I am confident that projects initiated by me will take its due shape in future.’

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