Eva Mendes attends counselling sessions once a week

London, May 11 (Calcutta Tube) Hollywood actress Eva Mendes ‘loves’ therapy and makes it a point to attend counselling session once a week.

‘I love therapy. There is nothing like going into a room and sitting down and talking to someone who has no emotional investment in your life. Having that person who is only committed to helping you be better, I just love it,’ femalefirst.co.uk quoted her as saying.

[ReviewAZON asin=”B002NXSROI” display=”inlinepost”]’I go once a week and, if not, then every two weeks. And if I’m away I phone in. It’s so necessary, especially in my business.’

The 36-year-old star believes it is important to always face fears and confront difficult situations even risking drowning because she was so determined to learn to swim.

‘Fight them head on. Just be honest with yourself and face it. That’s everything in life for me. I didn’t know how to swim, so I asked my friend to throw me off a boat. I know it’s crazy, but I did it and I survived.’

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