14 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Amar Vaggo Khali.

  2. great job mou.

  3. The images r awesome. carry on mou.

  4. Nice pic.I will watch ds movie soon.

  5. Hey I am payel,I just forgot 2 type my name.Mou n me r good frnd.

  6. Hey I am payel,previous comment sent by me.I just forgot 2 type my name.Mou n me r good frnd.

  7. I will watch dis film soon. n nice pic mou.

  8. Debanth Ganguly / April 14, 2009 at 8:31 am

    Swastika di ami tomar birat fan. Tomar cinema dekhte khub bhalo lage ar tomar face ta khub misty…

  9. Deb ami tomaar khub baro fan. ami tomar 6 packs abs dektea chai

  10. dev you are very handsome, you are very cute.

  11. dev you are looking so beutifull,tumi priyanka dir snge kobe flim korcho.ami tomar flim er janyo apekha korchi.i love you

  12. dev ami tomake khub bhalobasi,ami chai tumi amader badite aso amar sange dekha korte,ami class 1 pori,amar age 6 years,please contuct me ….9093521452.i love you.

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