Sandhya Roy

Sandhya Roy
Sandhya Roy is a Bengali film actress from Kolkata.
Date of Birth: 11th April, 1945 or 1947

Sandhya Roy, the famous actress of Bengali films could not recall her own date of birth. She was probably born on 11th April of year 1945 or 1947.  She was born in a temple at Pora Ma Tala, Nabadwip. She lost her parents at a tender age of nine. She then moved to Joshore to stay with her maternal uncle. From there to Nabadwip. Finally, after some sort stays at various places, she came to Pikepara, Kolkata to stay with her sister in law Jatindra Kishore Roy. She had to discontinue her studies after the death of her parents. She was never able to re-start her education. When she was only ten, she went to watch a shooting at Radha studio with her friends. Director Pashupati Chatterjee suddenly asked her to perform in his movie “Mamlar Phol“. So, she did her debut film as a part of the “crowd” in a “crowd-scene”! After the shooting of the film, Rajen Tarafdar offer her a role for his upcoming film “Antariksha”. She was offered 150 rupees per day. After that, it was history. She worked in “ Brindabon Leela”, “Nagini Kanyar Kahini”, “Ganga” and many more. The movie “Gamli Panchi” made Sandhya Roy famous instantly. Even during that time she was not regarded as a “romantic heroine” in Bengali films.

Chitta Basu offered her a role opposite to Biswajit in the film “Maya Mriga“. There started the journey of one of the most successful romantic couple in Bengali cinema – Biswajit-Sandha. She became the number one actress in Kolkata. She worked in “Agni Banya”, “Prothom Prem”, “Dhoop Chaya”, “Kothin Maya”, “Badhu”, “Sorry Madam”, Monihaar”, Nobo Diganta”, Dhanraj Tamang”, “Surya Tapa”, “Bhranti Bilas”, “Khana Baraha” and many more. She did numerous parallel films beside commertial Bengali films also. Some of them are – “Ashani Sonket”, “Sonsar Simante”, :Nimantran”, “Palanka”, “Gana Devata”, “Baba taraknath” and more.

Sandhya Roy
Sandhya Roy

She fell in love with director Tarun Majumdar while doing “Palatak”. They got married on 21st July, 1967. They built their new home “Sandhyanir”. The movie “Fuleshwari” was very remarkable for her career. The Bengali audience got a marvelous beauty in this film. She became the icon of Bengali tradition of her time. Sandhya Roy also worked in multiple hindi movies such as “Ashli Nakli” by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, “Raahgeer” by Tarun Majundar, “Jane Anjane” by Shakti Samanta and more. Rakhi Majumdar, who later became Rakhi Guljar used to work for Sandhya Roy at her home. Sandhya roy picked up the poor Rakhi during a shooting for “Ahwan”. Sandhya Roy has worked on nearly 400 films in her career. She has no child.

Filmography: Help us to complete please

* Ganga aka The River (USA) (1959)
* Maya Mriga (1960)
* Kathin Maya (1961)
* Arghya aka Offering to the Gods (1961)
* Subha Dristi aka Holy Meeting of Eyes (1962)
* Rakta Palash (1962)
* Nav Diganta aka New Horizon (1962)
* Dhoop Chhaya aka Sunlight and Shade (1962)
* Bandhan (1962)
* Asli-Naqli (1962)
* Palatak (1963)
* Pooja Ke Phool (1964)
* Surya Tapa aka Blessed by the Sun (1965)
* Ek Tuku Basa (1965)
* Antaral aka Distance (1965)
* Alor Pipasa (1965)
* Prastar Swakshar (1967)
* Teen Adhaya (1968)
* Baghini (1968)
* Rahgir (1969)
* Aparachita (1969)
* Arogya Niketan (1969)
* Nimantran (1971)
* Jaane-Anjaane (1971)
* Sriman Prithviraj (1973)
* Ashani Sanket aka Distant Thunder (1973)
* Thagini (1974)
* Fuleswari (1974)
* Sansar Seemantey (1975)
* Palanka (1975)
* Baba Taraknath (1977)
* Ganadevata (1979)
* Dadar Kirti (1980)
* Shahar Theke Dooray (1981)
* Meghmukti (1981)
* Khelar Putul (1981)
* Amar Geeti (1983)
* Pathbhola (1986)
* Path-o-Prasad (1991)

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