Koneenica Banerjee

Koneenica Banerjee
Birthday: May 21st, 1980


Koneenica Banerjee is a Bengali actress from Kolkata. Koneenica Banerjee is one of the very few leading actress of the present time who dified the “Star Child Lineage” factor in Bengali Cinema. She started her career as an actor really early when she joined various theater groups like Sishu Rangan and Aarobdho. She also joined NIFFA (National Institute of Film and Fine Arts) in Calcutta to learn more about history of drama, mime and every other aspect of acting. However, she left NIFFA as soon as she realized that she was not really learning anything new apart from her own knowledge that she gathered performing on stages. She belives herself to be a natural actor. Koneenica Banerjee  is also trained in Odissi, Rabindrik, folk and Western dance forms and she does dance wonderfully.

Koneenica made her small-screen debut in Alpha Bangla’s Swapnani and then worked on several other TV shows like  Ei Toh Jibon. Her career has been boosted hugely by the long-running Ek Akasher Nichey by Ravi Ojha, the small-screen soap opera that has kept audiences glued to the box. She played the role “Pakhi” in the mega serial that helped her to gain stardom. Then she was asked by  Moloy Bhattacharya to play Maya in Teen Ekke Teen, which went on to become her first released feature film. She performed wondefully in the comedy driven Bengali Film Teen Ekke Tin. Her another remarkable movie was “Abar Aasbo Fire” also directed by Ravi Ojha that generated 3.5 crores in the box office. Saswata Chatterjee has been her lucky mate in films. She paired with Saswata Chatterjee in both “Abar Aashbo Fire”, “Tin Ekke Tin” and “Ek Akasher Neeche”.
She has also starred in a host of tele-films ranging from Aasma, Neer Chhoto, Notun Gaan, Leela Chirantan, Tomar Patho Cheye, Maanbhanjan and many more.

Ritwika Banerjee, sister of Koneenica Banerjee, is already following the footsteps of her elder sister and working on various TV serials and plays.

Koneenica Banerjee Videos

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  1. Hi konni……
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