Radhamohon Bhattacharya

Radhamohon Bhattacharya
Birthday: 4th September, 1908

Radhamohon Bhattacharya was a Bengali Film hero in early Bengali cinema. He was born on 4th of September, 1908. Bholanath Bhattacharya was his father. Bholanath Bhattacharya was elcted chairman of Bishnupur for seven times. Radhamohon’s grandfather was Shibdas Bhattacharya. Shibdas Bhattacharya was the first person to introduce women schooling in Bishnupur. Radhamohon studies at the Presidency Colleage in Calcutta and stood second in his intermediate exam scoring the highest mark in english. He did his graduation in economics. Later he studied law from Patna college. Then he practiced as a lawyer in Midnapur for some time. But he wanted to act. So he came to Calcutta.

He was very fond of Drama. His first work as an actor was in the drama “Sarala”. Then he performed in numerous dramas during his studies in Calcutta. He also directed some of the drama including :Chirokumar Sabha” by Rabindranath Tagore. Charupraksh Ghosh, Arundhati Debi, Bijaya Roy (later married to Satyajit Roy) worked on this drama.

Radhamohon Bhattacharya was a very talented person and knew multiple languages including Russian, French, German, Urdu, Hindi, English and Bengali. He has done numerous Bengali and Hindi films including:
# Akaler Sandhane (1980) …. Teacher
# Chorus (1974)
# Kanna (1962)
# Jhinder Bandi (1961)
# Kshudista Pashan (1960)
# Kabuliwala (1956) …. Girl’s Father
# Darpachurna (1952) …. Narendranath
# Mandanda (1950)
# Abhiyatri (1947)
# Hamrahi (1944) …. Anup
# Udayer Pathey (1944) …. Anup

It was a very hard time in India specially with ongoing freedom fight. His worded in “Abhijatri”, “Udayer Pathe”, “Bhuli Nai”, “Swarna Sita”, “Mandanda”, “Rani Bhabani”, ” Kabuliwala”, :Khoniker Athithi”, “Khudhito Pashan”, “Jhinder Bandhi” , “Naydanda”, “Nagarik”, “Sudur Niharika”, ” Darpa Churna”, “Kanna”, ” Nishithe”, “Surer Poloshe”, “Aleyar Alo”, “Dolna”, “Akaler Sondhane” and more. In some he played the leading Hero, in others he played side charecters.

His first film was produced by B.N Sarkar. Actress Binata Roy. Later Radhamohon Bhattacharya got married to Binata Roy after doing few films together with the leading actress of his time.

Radhamohon Bhattacharya worked as a freelance journalist for The Statesman for some time. He was the first person to introduce a film review section for the newspaper. He was a great translator too. His fluency in multiple languages helped him a lot establishing himself as a great “translator” of his time. He translated “Khonra Rajkumar” and “Murmu” which became very popular during his time. He also wrote a great article “Cultural Heritage of India” – that documents numerous important aspects of Indian Drama.

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