Emotional drama unfolds in Jyoti Hindi TV Serial


Sphere origins serial Jyoti which kept its audience amazed by separating Pankaj (Sarvar Ahuja) and Jyoti (Sneha Wagh) in its last episodes, will experience a big melodrama again in its coming series. Apparently, Jyoti’s mother-in-law Bhairavi who dislikes Jyoti and her family, and is always in search for an opportunity to put them down, would create problems in Jyoti’s life.

Bhairavi is trying her best to send Meenal (Deevya Taneja) back to her in laws. Meenal’s father-in-law puts a condition that they will only accept her if they get Pankaj married to the same girl whom Uday (Alok Narula) was getting engaged to. Uday broke his engagement because he was madly in love with Sudha (Sriti Jha) and wanted to marry her. To bring back her daughter’s married life on track, Bhairavi plays a wicked game. Bhairavi sends the divorce notice to Jyoti which is signed by Pankaj.

The divorce papers reach Jyoti’s house when her brother Sandeep (Varun Khandelwal) is getting engaged to Poonam. Poonam (Geetu Bawa) is a new character introduced in the serial and she will play Sandeep’s wife.

Jyoti who is carrying Pankaj’s child is in a dilemma now. Now only time will tell if Jyoti will sign the divorce papers.

-Sampurn Media

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