Ekta on prowl: Who is the next victim?


Ekta Kapoor the “Soap queen of Indian television industry”, seems to be very much influenced by Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion, for she is now coming up with a new show called Fashion, which, incidentally, is based on the fashion industry and controversies related to the glamour world. The creative director of the proposed show is Vikas Gupta, and the show might be aired on television next month.

We all know that Ekta has come up with her daily soaps, which have reached high on TRP. She is the one who started the trend of big bindis, heavy attire and saris, which was really to an extent liked and well accepted by the audience. In actuality, Ekta has already captured the small screen’s fashion in her serials. The big shot serials like Kyun ki…, Kahani…, Kasauti…, has given birth to a different kind of fashion and trend. That was all about her “K” type serials, but what about Fashion? Why has she not recommended the name as “KFashion” will be a question that will hound a layman’s mind.

In the recent period, during the casting of the show there was a task, and a rule was made that the guys who want to be a part of the show should be comfortable with wearing swimming suits, and be at ease to “kiss” the opposite person. What was shocking was the attitude of the participants, who willing acted as per the directives! This issue had really put the audience into a dilemma on what exactly does Ekta Kapoor wants to focus on in her coming show Fashion.

The query arises that if not Saas Bahu, then what’s next? According to Balaji television content creation is of prime importance. They primarily track the target market and then develop the content, which best addresses the entertainment needs. But for Fashion who will be the target audience?

Well Ekta, being the creative head of Balaji Telefilms you must have really thought of presenting something creative right!

So here’s wishing you all the best for Fashion!

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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