Ek Main Aur Ek Tu (2012) Bollywood Hindi Movie Review

Feb 12, 2012 (Calcutta Tube/ IBNS): Ek Main Aur Ek Tu is a 2012 Bollywood Hindi movie starring Kareena Kapoor, Imran Khan, Boman Irani, Ratna Pathak Shah under the direction of Shakun Batra. Read the Hindi movie review at Calcutta Tube.

Ek Main Aur Ek Tu: A rom com with a twist

Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu is hardly as long as its namesake and manages to offer a peppy and spritely romantic comedy with the right amount of gags and a trinket of dramatic romance.

The Background-

Give it up guys and galz for Geet version 2 (obviously Kareena Kapoor) who is back to take the stiff guys on a fun ride of life. This time the lucky winner is mama and papa’s boy Rahul Kapoor (Imran Khan) who gets to have his life turned upside down by Riana Braganza (come on you knew it was Kareena right?). So what if they meet in Vegas and so what if they get drunk and unwillingly married, that’s about all the similarities it has with What Happens In Vegas; and everything that follows is a small sweet deal of “mazaak”, “dosti”, “thoda pyaar” and more “maazak”.

The story – 3.5/5

EMAET is a story of funny clichés and some funny original innovations. It is a story that will keep you grinning till the end and despite the obvious gloom of dramatic moments it never drags you down; all the while spinning the yarn with subtlety.

No, it isn’t free of all the typical Bollywood flare, yet EMAET brings with it a fresh vibrancy of the new generation, and the ending progresses along different roads than the usual but let’s not spoil the surprise!

The characters are more realistic than the usual Punjabi aphorisms of surreal nature that you get to experience on screen. Yup they are alive and they make you feel the same too. I won’t say that the confrontation between stick em up parents and the caged child is any new matter, nor is the love by accident anything novel and yet amongst all that mediocrity, the entire coalition of humdrum events hits you in a very pleasant way.

Rahul breaks free and Riana inspires him to do so but they make that banal and overused journey come alive with many frizzy moments and some unexpected dialogues. This pair of opposites attracts and repels in known trajectories but that does not make this offing any less fun.

The direction and technique – 4/5

The little things and the lack of too many of them is what makes this offering from Shakun Batra stand out of the crowd of many many other contemporaries.

They say that life displays itself with utmost vivacity in the smallest of moments and one can say the same for EMAET. Moments crop out of nowhere and give you insights about the characters while still making you rock with laughter, like the time when “stiff” Rahul irons his sock or when carefree Riana spits on the car window; moments like that are scattered throughout the movie.

Yet the flick is also a bag of surprises that keeps you entertained and guessing till the end. Watch out for those nice subtitles behind the calendar that marks the days!

But the best part about the movie is the strict and tight editing that scuttles its length to less than 2 hours, now that’s a feat you don’t get to see in Bollywood as often as you would want.

 The acting – 3.5/5

Kareena stole the show as Geet and in this upgraded version of her wild on screen avatar she manages to do the same.

Riana in its own way is close and yet quite far from Geet. She displays the unexpected exuberance and yet knows where to draw some lines. So she is the fun filled energy vessel who is confident and “has a plan” but she has the reserved reality of a true human being, and Kareena pulled that off with utmost ease.

Imran is once again the good boy (I wonder how many times this has been said!) but with stiff shoulders in need of excitement in life. This being a quite comfortable place for the young Khan, he pulls it off with a neat and tidy touch, kind of like Rahul himself.

Boman Irani is wasted as the grumpy and hard-working father but Ratna Pathak Shah as Rahul’s mom displays a sense of immaturity that is one chirpy note in itself.

The music – 3.5/5

Amit Trivedi has the magic of Dev D riding on his back and he doesn’t disappoint here either. If the soft melodies soothe you then the party tracks want to make wear those tango shoes.

Aunty Ji is one song that is going to be heard in all kinds of places very soon and let’s face it, you’ll love it!

Aside from the inclusion of a slight misfit in the form of Mozart’s piano concerto no. 21 at the dining scene, all the other background tracks keep buzzing with the screenplay and makes the joyride even more fun.

So will this be your Valentine treat?

Sure pack your bags and dress up to visit your nearest halls and have a little bit of light headed fun that also surprisingly doesn’t tell you to keep your brains at home.

If however you want dramatic delicacies that move you and make you tremble then perhaps EMAET is a little too shallow for you.

– By Arnab Chakraborty

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