Ek Je Chhilo Bhooter Chhana (2012)-Bengali Movie Review

Mita Chatterjee in Bengali Movie Ek Je Chhilo Bhooter ChhanaJan 11, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Ek Je Chhilo Bhooter Chhana is 2012 Bengali movie directed by Samar with Mita Chatterjee, Mrinal Mukherjee and others in the cast. Read the Bengali film review at Calcutta Tube.


Presented by: Silverline Movies

Produced by: Debjit Mondol

Direction, Story, Screenplay and Dialogue: Samar

Music: Samar-Subir

Editing: Aseem Basu

Cinematography: Rathish Ravindran

Cast: Mita Chatterjee, Mrinal Mukherjee, Kuntal and others

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Ek Je Chhilo Bhooter Chhana – ‘Once there was a ghost’s Baby’ is a film targeted mainly at children. It narrates an interesting story for kids about a kid born of a ghost. Like Casper of the comic series, he is a friendly ghost and blesses the two youngsters, Bhola and his loyal follower when they are thrown out by Rudranarayan, the cruel zamindar’s cruel Nawab out of the village with a magic bone that can grant them any wish if they close their eyes holding the bone and make a wish.

They land in a different village where the kind zamindar’s only daughter has gone missing. Bhola and his follower promise to bring her back. She, along with the maid, has been kidnapped by a terrible tantric who wants to make a human sacrifice of the princess. Bhola saves the two with his magic bone. He goes back to his village and with his magic, restores peace and freedom from the cruel zamindar and his villainous Nawab. His uncle and aunt are given back the land they had grabbed. Bhola goes back to the other village and is married to the zamindar’s daughter.

However, the problem why this film fails to work is that almost all the departments are monopolized by a filmmaker who seems very new to the industry. Secondly, he has roped in newcomers who do not know how to look right. Bhola sbadly needs a comb to keep his hair in order. There is a boat song sung by a boatman where the boat remains stationary during the entire song. The little ghost appears only in a brief scene made up very badly in green with his lines morphed so that we cannot understand him at all. There are many songs but the music is traditional so there is little originality in it. There is a kotha song in the beginning shot and executed very badly by the dancer in question.

The children in the audience find entertainment in Bhola’s magic with the bad Nawab and the cruel zamindar when he becomes invisible with his magic bone and scares them out of their wits. The film seems to have borrowed the ghost-kid and the magic part from Satyajit Ray’s Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne but failed to do justice to it. Bhola is given an uncombed look that hides half of his face. The story is framed with an old grandmother (Mita Chatterjee) telling the story to her two grandchildren. Mita Chatterjee and Mrinal Mukherjee as the cruel zamindar have done their parts well.

– Shoma A. Chatterji

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