Eina Ahluwalia’s stunning jewellery collection at Lakme Fashion Week

Mumbai, Mar 15 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Calling her collection “Wedding Vows”, Eina Ahluwalia had a surprise for the audience at the Lakme Fashion Week.


Known for her jewellery which is valued more for its aesthetic quality but working around a different concept this time, Eina had stunning bold almost defiant pieces with a strong message against marital violence.


It was another look at the docile bridal jewellery but this time showing woman as a Durga or Kali demanding that she be loved, respected and protected by her partner.


This message was sent through the imposing gold pendants shaped like daggers, knives, trishuls, bows and arrows, sickles and even a very grim skull teamed with semi precious stones turned into long necklaces.


To make a direct impact there were large pendants with the words “love respect protect” or square and round placards embossed with more messages. The final entry, a delicate hair band with gold trellised strands covering the face showed a gentler image of the bridal jewellery.


For the strong woman who wants to make a distinct statement on the most important day of her life, “Wedding Vows” will be the right choice.


‘Swing into a Samba or Rumba’ said fashion designer Malini Agarwala with her Malaga label as she presented her Brazilian Carnevale collection.


Displaying a line of street and luxurious style the Carnevale range had the perfect touches of colour, glitter, sequins, tassels, feathers and stones to set the mood.


To the pulsating beats of drums, large gold and silver sequined and brocade bags decorated with multicoloured feathers, pearls, stones, chains – some with shoulder straps or beaded chains rocked down the ramp.


Large, opulent and in your face is how Malini designed the spacious bags and daring jewellery to make a dramatic impact.


The matching footwear either with heels or flats was decorated with feathers and glitter to add to the mood of the collection.


It was undoubtedly a very festive and fun filled trendy look at the jewellery, bags and footwear for the holiday season or if the wearer wants to just make a strong fashion statement.


From swinging bags, jazzy necklaces to colourful outfits, the total look presented by Malini Agarwala was a perfect offering for the Summer/Resort 2011 season.


The fashion buffs witnessed a mix of the past with some pulsating fashionable urban tunes as Suhani Pittie presented her “Urban Folk” collection with multi textured and coloured elements.


Suhani added traditional touches to turn a hansli into a mosaic of steel bricks. Copper sheets were textured with net circles while steel proved its sharpness as it supported the Rabadi spikes.


Cuffs and neon for metal accessories were innovative while steel was mixed with copper coils to create an Adivasi rural look.


Suhani also added metals and gave them an origami feel to give a more contemporary touch to the accessories.


Stiff moulded collars, looped multi circular necklaces, wired spheres in abstract forms, horizontal bands for chokers and intricate fan shaped pendants; were some of the eye catchers of the show.


The spiked head bands, the wide strong metallic coloured cuffs and the final neckpiece with a hint of shimmer gave the rustic jewellery line with New Age designs an innovative expression.


Working with multiple cultures and designs, Suhani Pittie’s collections embraced the past with a new found modern flavour to appeal to the jet setting women of the 21st century.

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Eina Ahluwalia's jewellery collection at Lakme Fashion Week
(Reporting by Namit.Agarwal)

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