Eight members of family burnt to death in Maharashtra

Solapur (Maharashtra), Feb 15 (IANS) Eight members of a family, including six children, were burnt to death in their sleep when their hut caught fire early Monday, police said.

The hut belonged to farmer Suresh Chhatan Pawar, and the victims were his relatives, police inspector Harishchandra More said.

‘According to Pawar, the fire was deliberate and had been set on account of some family feud. We are investigating the case,’ More told IANS.

Despite frantic attempts by neighbours, none of the victims could be saved from the blaze which raged for nearly four hours.

The deceased have been identified as Manisha, 26, Neeta, 18, Mahesh, 5 months, Swati, 3, Sanjay, 6, Pirajit, 8, Chakula, 9 and Raghu, 11.

The incident occurred in the village predominantly inhabited by Pardhi tribals, around 75 km from here.

Top district police officers including Superintendent of Police Suresh Mekla are investigating the case.

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