Eight bodies go missing in Bihar graveyard

Patna, March 6 (IANS) Eight bodies have disappeared from a graveyard in a Bihar village in one night, scaring local residents.

People of Belauri village in Purnia district, about 350 km from here, were stunned Friday when they found that eight bodies had disappeared from the Sauraghat Samsan graveyard overnight.

‘We found that eight graves were dug up and the bodies missing,’ villager Ramavatar Sada said.

Sada said the graveyard was used by Dalits and other very poor people to bury their dead as they could afford costly cremations.

‘Only poor people have buried their dead at the graveyard,’ Sada said.

Another villager Pakhia Paswan said it was not the first time that bodies had gone missing from the graveyard. ‘In the last one-and-a-half years, several bodies have disappeared from their graves here,’ Paswan said.

Sada and Paswan said that villagers were in a dilemma over the disappearing bodies.

They said police had been informed but no action was taken till date.

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