Eid-ul-Fitar in Kashmir: Nothing to celebrate

September 8, Srinagar (Calcutta Tube/AIP): Most probably on Saturday this week Eid-ul-Fitar would be celebrated by the Muslims and ‘We’ Kashmiris too. People throng to markets for shopping but, the family of Fida Nabi and 68 others will not celebrate it virtually.

All of them were killed by police and Para-military Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), when they opened fire on peaceful protest demonstrators across the valley.

Fida was one among them. He was injured in police firing on August8, at Srinagar city outskirts and after six day for battling for life Fida succumbed to his injuries in SIKMS Soura.

“He was one in our family to shop it out for Eid,” says Abid Nabi, the brother of Fida. “On this (Coming) Eid no one among us will do shopping for our family,” adds Abid with tears rolling on trim bearded face.

For nearly three months now Kashmir has been in the grip of violent protests, as angry young men, women and children have held demonstrations against the presence of “Indian” troopers in valley. Anti-India sentiment runs deep in Kashmir that is divided between India and Pakistan. Both claim it as their integral part.

Fida is buried next to his friend Anees, who too has died in firing by the men in uniform.  Fida had helped in digging the grave for Anees, but he didn’t know he will be the next.

Fida’s family has along migrated from apple town Sopore in 1993 and they have lost three relatives. All of them have fell to the bullets of men in uniform and ironically Fida before his killing has visited Sopore. “He visited Sopore and expressed his sympathy with families of our relatives for the first time since we migrated,” recounts Abid to Agence India Press.

Fida has worked as manager for his family. He used work as sales man in a city shop and was spending his earning on family. “On Eid he used get the clothes, and essentials for we people (Family),” says Abid adding “My father was happy with him despite he was second to me and third to father.”

For Abid his brother is martyr and he honor the sacrifices, but these days the problem family is confronting a big problem and with bleak chances for avoiding it. “My mother always recalls saying of Fida that pains me and my family,” he says adding memories hardly fade. “Everyone has to die….Fida died for a cause that is scared for Kashmiri people as a Nation,” he adds.

For Abid and family the challenge is to console the mother. “We console the mother. She is a heart patient and we are deeply concerned,” he says and adds Fida was snatched from us by the God. “There is nothing to challenge” he adds.

On Eid there will be fervor of celebrations. But with 69 civilians Kashmir will definitely witness the fervor. Every nook and corner witnessed mayhem of Khaki (Police & CRPF) as well as of Chitra (Army).

So for there are 69 dead, tens are on ventilators battling for their lives and hundreds injured. Every road is blocked with spools of Israeli invented barbed wire, armored vehicles and troopers manning roads, lanes and by -lanes fearing more protests against the unabated civilian killings.

“We will mourn on Eid- there is nothing to celebrate,” Abid says with moist eyes. (AIPTV)

by Agence India Press

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