Dutta vs. Dutta (2012) Bengali Film by Anjan Dutta First Look

Anjan Dutta portrays seventies’ Kolkata

Filmmaker Anjan Dutta on Thursday said that he wants to portray the real Kolkata in the early seventies.

“I grew up in the seventies, it was very colourful period as women became fashionable at that time along with the emergence of club culture.

So I want to portray real Kolkata in the seventies because in Bengali film, this period has not been potrayed much,” Dutta said on the sets of his upcoming Bengali  film  ‘Dutta vs. Dutta’.

The film stars Ronodeep Basu, Diparkar Dey, Rupa Ganguly, Arpita Chatterjee, Rita Koiral, Saswata Chatterjee and Anjan Dutta himself.

Talking about her character, Arpita Chatterjee said, ” I am playing the character named Chena, who is very arrogant, moody, outspoken and is irritated by the members of the family. But she has a good bonding  with her brother. But after she got married she changes completely.”

Dutta wants to repersent the Naxalites-period at one side along with the emergence of western culture,the agile Kolkata where there is high and lively music at  Park Street, where faminism is emerging,and culture of rich Bengali where women started smoking publicly and cutting thier hairs short.

“The story is about a boy’s battle with his dad and how he found his dream, future and passion after coming to Kolkata from Darjeeling,” said Dutta.

The music of the fim is scored by Neel Dutta.

Neel said, “I did a bit research on the songs of the seventies and have heard lot of songs of that period. So the songs will have both Rabindrasangeet, rock-n roll and also western music along with the flavour of the seventies.”

The film is being shot mostly in Kolkata and  small part will be canned in Darjeeling.

(Reporting by Priyam Mallick)

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