Durga Puja-Mahashtami-Shankar Math-Ramrajatala Howrah

Durga Puja-Shankar Math-HowrahOct 15, 2010 (CalcuttaTube): One of the important and old Durga pujas of Howrah is the puja at Shankar Math, right next to the Ramrajatala train station. The place however did not draw too much crowd this night mainly because of the weather. It has been drizzling on and off from the evening which has spoiled the puja mood of a large portion of the mass.

The place is always crowed on a typical puja day. It is also a convenient spot, easily accessible by train and bus. Naturally Shankar Math is easily reachable for the people who use the train from interior Howrah. Still the place felt in total discord in the rain, mud and slush.

The rides, the food kiosks, the gorgeous pandal, the lights, chandelier, art work – everything felt kind of low. And beside the lighted pandals and decorations of the pandal the actual building of Shankar Math seemed gloomy and left out as always, even with the strings of blue lights on it.

But there are always some enthusiastic people like me who get out in spite of all odds and go on clicking their cameras. Here are some snaps.

Shrabanti Basu

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