Durga Puja-Howrah Swamiji Sangha mesmerizes!

Durga Puja-Swamiji Sangha HowrahOct 16, 2010 (CalcuttaTube): The Durga puja of Swamiji Sangha at the Natun Rasta crossing, in a short distance from the Kona Expressway has done a fabulous job! The shimmering pandal, the light works, the decorations are gorgeous. No wonder it is drawing a lot of attention. The huge gates of lights on either way welcome you. The efforts are truly vast!

The pandal with a wooden color and golden art work looks reminds you of a real golden palace. The lights projected on it are so very perfect! Great are the idols inside too. You will also find security people in there.

The whole place is mesmerizing visitors of all age and sex. The dragon emitting fire from its mouth and the elephant sprinkling water from its trunk are things of interest.The only thing that did not go with the whole theme is the Christmas tress in the lawn outside.

The location is interesting with different transportation to different places of Howrah and Kolkata. The bus services are giving aa fabulous service till very late in the night, if not whole night.

Right outside the pandal you get of resturants, food stalls, kids’ playground, etc. Within walking distance are some more diners too.

Beware of the crowd!

Shrabanti Basu

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