Dumbstruck Sonu Niigaam explains his ponytail look

New Delhi, June 19 (Calcutta Tube) Popular singer Sonu Niigaam is flabbergasted by the criticism he has received from his fans and the media for sporting two ponytails and an unkempt look. He says people should rather concentrate on his singing than his looks.

‘One day you all will know that whatever I do with my hair, is to wake up people from a slumber. You guys pay too much attention to swim suits, fashion, hairstyles, exterior stuff, etc,’ Niigaam posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The singer, who received negative comments after he was seen sporting a French beard and two ponytails at an event in Mumbai Wednesday, has taken the help of the online platform to nag the media and those who commented on his looks.

‘I know, they (media) will never write good about me, even if I’m looking good. Would they? Have you seen any article praising my earlier hairstyle? Nothing against media, I respect their and some of your (fans) opinions, but do you ever talk about mediocre, or bad singing or music the way you highlight hair-dos?,’ he posted.

Niigam, who has lent vocals to some of the Bollywood’s best known songs like ‘Panchhi Nadiyaan’, ‘Tanhaayee’ and title tracks of ‘Saathiya’ and ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’, apart from many others, says the media must write about better aspects related to music.

‘Media and you (fans) must talk about average singing, music doing the rounds and genuine talent sitting at home waiting for work. Underestimating others and throwing your opinions on others is the easiest thing one can do. For a change, look at the more important things,’ he added.

The 36-year-old also claims that people in India have a preconceived notion that styling is not for singers and stressed how excessive and bizarre styling is the thing for singers in the West.

‘Hairstyles and fashion, is the jaageer (property) of some other fraternity and not singers in this country (India). It takes guts to do the things I have done through my career as a singer. Musicians in other countries get their lips, cheek, eyebrows and private parts pierced and tattooed,’ he posted.

Niigaam, who strongly supports his current hairstyle, says he is the only singer who dares to experiment with his look.

‘Don’t expect me to change. You change if you can, I won’t. I have been like this from my childhood – crazy and courageous,’ he posted.

As a response to those who have criticised his look, he said: ‘I’ll have a funkier hairstyle soon.’

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