Dujone (2009) Bengali Film

Dujone is an upcoming Bengali Film starring Dev and Shrabanti. Shrabanti’s husband Rajiv is directing the new venture by Dev. Jeet Ganguly is again composing the music of “Dujone”. The latest Bengali Movie Dujone is produced by Ashok Dhanuka. Check out exclusive movie stills, videos, reviews, previews and more.

Dujone (2009) Bengali Film Review
Dujone is an upcoming Bengali Film starring Dev and Shrabanti. Shrabanti’s husband Rajiv is directing the new venture by Dev. Jeet Ganguly is again composing the music of “Dujone”. The latest Bengali Movie Dujone is produced by Ashok Dhanuka. Check out exclusive movie stills, videos, reviews, previews and more.


by: Shoma A. Chatterji

Plagiarisation has its advantages. Specially if a regional film is copied from a slightly old film that either did not do well at the box office, or has relatively new faces in the main cast or both. Sometimes, the plagiarized regional version fares much better at the box office than the original. Dujone marks the debut of director Rajeev Kumar, who happens to be the husband of the film’s leading lady.  The film stars Dev and Srabanti, two of the most promising young stars in contemporary Bengali cinema. The film, a pre-Durga Pooja release, is a box office hit in Kolkata and elsewhere. It is a classic example of this kind of plagiarisation. The original source of ‘inspiration’ is Karan’s Yeh Dil (2003) directed and scripted by Teja. Yeh Dil again, is a remake of a Telugu blockbuster Nuvvu Nenu. There is a catch though. The producer-director of Dujone should not be hauled to court for plagiarisation the way Shree Venkatesh Films were for brazenly copying every scene and frame from Namastey London, having to shell out an out-of-court hefty sum to the producer of Namastey London.

Dujone is a love story that is treated like an endless, roller-coaster adventure film that may raise the hackles of a die-hard critic for throwing every bit of logic overboard, but is cheered, whistled at and applauded by the middle-class and low middle-class Bengali for offering relief from the drudgery of their everyday lives made worse with the rising price of food and other perishables. For a mass audience forced to make do with rice and boiled potatoes for lunch, Dujone is like fish curry cooked with mustard paste and steaming hot rice.

Akash (Dev) and Meghna (Srabanti) study in the same class and in the same college. Akash, who is the scion of a millionaire industrialist, is good at games while Meghna, who belongs to a crude, unpolished fisherman’s family, is brilliant in academics. The two do not seem to be aware of one another’s presence but slowly become close friends and then fall in love. The millionaire (Arun Banerjee) does not care for the liaison and neither does Meghna’s crude father (Debesh Roy Choudhury) or his harridan, widowed sister (Seema Biswas). But the lovers stick out a thumb at all objections and go painting the town pink, thanks to a bunch of supportive college friends. The girl’s father puts his army of goons to chase the boy while the boy’s father hires the services of a professional killer (Arijit Dutta) to bump off the girl. After endless series of a variety of chases manifested in many different ways, the lovers are married off in public under the nose of their opposing parents, with the help of an entire army of collegians, just as they were in Yeh Dil. There are traces of Bobby made several years ago.

Though most of the incidents in the film make one feel that logic has died a silent death, the film manages to keep the audience hooked from beginning to end. Dev and Srabonti steal every scene from everyone else with their freshness, their energy, their youth and their vigour, forcing one to forget about the absurdity of Akash escaping from a direct hit with an axe-like object in the back unscathed save for a bottle of tomato ketchup lavishly splattered across his white over-shirt. He is still to mature as an actor but the promise is right there. Srabonti sticks out like a sore thumb within the ambience of her crude home environment. But she is a good actress and beautiful too who delivers her lines with restraint, without melodrama and is completely in control. She shines in the scene where she gets on to Akaash’s two-wheeler, hugs him from behind and gestures her indifference to her disapproving father and aunt. Dev’s father’s scheming girlfriend is expendable and so is her daughter.
The supporting cast pales in comparison mainly because of their tendency to overact, render dialogues very loudly and their characterization within the script. Even the silent mercenary killer (Arijit Dutta) who has no dialogue does a terrible job and looks thoroughly unconvincing. The most disappointing performance comes from Seema Biswas in her debut in a Bengali film. As the terrible aunt, she is loud, bitchy and murderous to an extreme though the audience thinks differently. It claps and cheers whenever she vents out her vitriol on her niece. The director should have insisted getting her hair dye because the jet black dye looks absolutely put-on. Rajeev Kumar could have tightened his script to make for a better final product. The production values are very good and so is the costume design of the lead players.

The adventure moves from small town to village to forests to a train to the railway tracks with Akash and Megha being chased right through the second half of the film offering very good visuals and lending depth to the cinematographic space of the film. Jeet Ganguly’s music is good but too many songs, some at the wrong time and place, tend to take away from the film’s intense mood. This film has several reasons for becoming a hit.

by Kushal Dey, CT contributor, Kolkata

It was touted to be the big clash of Sharadiya-Prem Aamar vs Dujone. But,with Prem Aamar getting delayed, Dujone gets more space to make a mark at the box office, with the other release being a subdued movie (Mama Bhagne). And sincerely, this 2-crore movie needs that  to become a hit.

Akash (Dev) is the son of the industrialist Pratap chowdhury (Arun Banerjee), who only knows money  and business and has no time for his son. Meghna (Shrabanti), on the other hand comes from a poor family, comprising of her nightmarish  pishima. Both Meghna and Akash studies in the same college and despite initially being at loggerheads, they fall for each other. But, neither of the families accept this affair.

Both the families try desperately to separate the two. They devised a plan. Both Akash and Meghna were told not to meet each other before the completion of studies. If even after that, they love each other, they can marry. Both were kept in house, arrested in complete isolation from one another, but they establish contaction with the help of friends and a professor. Before long, they escape and reach each other’s house at the same time and from both sides, there is an attept to kill them. But they flee and meet at a station, from where the together start a journey of odds against a killer hired by Akash’s dad and plenty of other obstacles. All of these leads to a highly dramatic end where the lovers unite.

What could have saved this done-to-death storyline is the presentation, but  director Rajib Kumar fails in that department. As a result, the film remains a mediocre fare. In both the tamil and hindi versions, new faces were cast, but, Rajib has cast Dev here. While he could have tried to break Dev’s image  to suit the character, but he actually presents the character as a macho man to suit Dev. And so, what we get is a hotch-potch of Dev from  ”I love you” and Dev from  “Challenge”.

While Dev provides nothing new to appreciate, Shrabanti’s character is not properly established and the character loses significance as the movie goes all-out on action. Among the supporting actors,only Seema Biswas does an impressive job of playing this loud character of Shrabanti’s pishi. Arijit Dutta’s villain is clichéd. Jeet Ganguly, the music director, impresses. ”Rama Ho” and the title track are groovy. Manoj Sharma’s cinematography is plaudible, but, despite all talks of digital intermediate, the final outcome is little impressive.

Riding on star power of Dev and the holidays up ahead, this movie might sustain, but this is certainly not a film,worth its budget and hype.
My rating: 2/5

dujone_Dev and Shrabanti
dujone_Dev and Shrabanti

Cast : Dev,Shrabanti,Seema biswas(Bandit Queen fame),Debesh roychowdhury,Arun banerjee
Director: Rajiv(Shrabanti’s husband)
Producer: Ashok Dhanuka
Story: Maloy Banerjee
Music: Jeet Ganguly
Editing: Rabi Ranjan moitra

Update: August 6, 2009: Himangshu Dhanuka has sent us first Look Poster for the movie. Check out the Dujone Posters and watch the Teaser trailer of Bengali Film Dujone:

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Dujone -Dev Subhashree Trailer
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Share your comment about how do you feel about the Dev-Shrabanti coupling?
I think Shrabanti is pretty cute looking and little more matured than many other Tolly actresses. I am hoping to get more stills, videos and information soon about the movie.

If you know Shrabanti or Rajjiv, please email us at admin@calcuttatube.com. It would be nice to talk to them about the film. Thanks.

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Dujone 2009-Dev Shrabanti
Dujone 2009-Dev Shrabanti
Dujone-Poster-Bengali Film
Dujone-Poster-Bengali Film

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  1. I Luv Srabonti very much. She is really very beautiful & her works is really very appreciated by everyone. I luv all her films.(champion, Valibhasa Valobhasa & Dujone).

  2. thanks 4 remembering me .. i did watch dujone … n i think its definitely better than mon mane na .. i really liked the action sequences . Seema biswas’ performance is indeed note worthy . But there are many things that i didnt like . The movie starts with a ‘good morning ‘ or ‘good afternoon ‘ ( i dont remember exactly .. ) n the words are pronounced pathetically .. the accent was a typically bengali one .. i dont know y even n a college like pailan the announcer cant pronounce correctly , with proper accent .. next i wanna talk abt the costumes .. they are too very simple .. may be they are realistic .. bt i thnk they shd have been a bit more glamouros .. the background score is smart most of the times but sometimes they do get like d old times .NOw i wd like to specially mention about the engagement party . the movie shows that akash’s father is a crorepati .. bt d people standing at the side during the ‘kar choke chokh rekhe je ‘ song didnt look at all as if they belongd to d same status ( leaving a few f crse ) .. these small things look very odd . i dont know y our directors stll do not understand and take note of these things . Finally these are the things that still make a tolly n bolly movie look diffrnt .!!! plse directors take care of these small things .. try to be perfect n ech small corners ..

  3. I have seen the promos of the movie.I think it is going to be an action filled masala movie.Will surely see it soon.Looking forward to see Seema Biswas’s peformance again on screen.

  4. hi…..
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  5. hay,
    kamon acho?ami tomar khob valo bondhu. Tomar acting amar khob valo laga.bises kora tomar katha gule…dujone flim er video gana gule kon websit a pabo..plz amar yahoo email address pathiye diyo..
    bay.good noon…from..

  6. hay,
    Dev da,
    kamon acho?ami tomar boro fan.tomar katha bala amar khob valo laga..songa tomar hasi..dujone flim er video gana gule kon websit a pabo..plz amar yahoo email address pathiye diyo..by……

  7. i really appreciate the work of the two actors.i think they did a great job…they r the future of our tollywood…wish them best of luck for the future…

  8. Hi Dev and Shranbanti,

    Tomader movie ta ami next monday te dekhte jabo. I hope bhalo lagbe. Specially Dev amar favourite. Shrabanti ke ami 2-3 years age Alipur Zoo te dekhechilam 15 th August . Khub misti dekhte.

    Bhalo theko. Love you.


  9. Hi
    srabanti di,tomar dujone flimeta amar khub bhalo legecha,tomar smileta khub sundor,tomar ar dev dar dujone ami 4bar dekha chi,I love YOU SRABANTI DI. BY

    1. ONNO RA KI KICHUI PARE NA , R dev hatao tollywood bachao JODI HOY TAHOLE dev try to improve ur acting ETA KENO LIKLE….

  10. Hi Dev,
    I thank to both of you for the film “Dujone”.

    Ami DEV – er samandhye ekta biography korte chai. Tar jannye ami onek collection korchi. Eta totally complete hote onek samay lagbe. Everything based on “DEV”.

    FIWER–Tomader karor jadi kichu balar thake please share your feelings with me. I have to note everything regarding DEV.





  12. hiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Im Mun frm Siliguri. I love u so much……… u r 2 gud. tomake Sudhu Subhsree didir sathe khub valo lage. seta tumi valo kore jano. m i right??????/ will u marrie Subhasree didi????? plz think about this…….. ok, bye take care. hav a nice day & gud luck for ur next movie with Subhasrre………..

  13. My Sweet DEV,
    I am SUNANDINI from Siliguri, Your Big…Big…Big…Fan, always thinking you, Its my Dream to see you so close….Please tell me the way.
    Love Sunandini

  14. its a great love story…….and you r much better than tusshar kapoor…and the presentation of dujone is much much better than “YEH DIL”.


  16. Hi dev da and Shrabanti di,
    How r u two.How sweet is yours two couple!Very cute!This love story is blockbuster.Please do more films together.

    Email ID:mail2sarmisthade@gmail.com

  17. hiii dev n srabonti,,,, ami bas atai bolte chai je film ta asadhoron legeche aamar…….story bapok… real fight for love…. salute ur love in this film

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