Dui Prithibi – Uttam Kumar, Supriya Chowdhury

Dui Prithibi (1970) – Uttam Kumar – Supriya Debi Classic

Dui Prithibi - Uttam Kumar

BUY Bengali Film Dui Prithibi starring Uttam Kumar

Dui Prithibi is a 70s (?) Bengali Movie directed by Piyush Bose. A complete family drama starring Uttam Kumar, Supriya Debi, Victor Banerjee in lead roles. The music for Dui Prithibi is composed by Ananda Shankar. Ranjit Mullick also plays a small but important charecter in the film and in love with Uttam’s sister. Prosenjit later did a remake of the same story few years back. Uttam Kumar is a honest man and happy with his small world and needful earning. He does not want too much. His values is everything for him. Supriya Debi plays Uttam Kumar’s love interest. Victor Banerjee is the corrupt brother of Uttam Kumar and lust for money. The movie portrays how “money” really talks in the family. Even how parents even care less about their least earning son.

Direction: Piyush Bose
Music Direction: Ananda Shaknkar
Uttam Kumar, Ranjeet Mullik, Viktor Banerjee, Supriya Chowdhury Tanusree Shankar, Sushil Majumdar and more…..


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