Duet Duel: Allan gets ready to challenge Remo with Go Goa!

Allan Vaz is a Mumbai based Goan singer who has come up with an album called GO GOA. Allan Vaz, who has been working as Senior Manager, Talent and Artiste Relations with the music channel ETC for the last nine years, tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that the USP of his album is that, it is modern and youth oriented.

In what way is Go Goa different from other albums?

I’d vouchsafe that till today no one has ventured into an album like this. Not even Remo has come up with a hard core Goan album, though he promotes Goan folk music in all his performances, because the mind set in Goa is that it is only brass section- that is trumpet, saxophone, etc that work. However, I’d say that not all the five fingers are the same. I am happy that no one who has heard my album has criticized it as trash till date.

What is Go Goa about?

Go Goa talks about the beauty as well hospitality of Goa, its chapels and temples. Mainly it talks about mother and her greatness.

What is the USP of Go Goa?

Go Goa has ten songs. Its USP is that it is modern and youth oriented unlike the typical music, which has happened in Goa till date. What is beautiful about my album is that it manages to keep in touch with Goan flavors. It is a pity that our children do not want to listen to Goan music, unless and until you give them something new and attractive and youth centered.

Can you elucidate?

All the ten songs are in Konkani and all the songs which have different genres like club music, jazz, pop, reggae, ballad, soft rock, swing (soft jazz) have been sung by me. It is my first album and my first ever attempt as a singer. I had no other alternative but to come up with my own album, because no one was ready to give me a break as a singer

How would you describe your voice?

My voice is fresh. I know that people will take time to accept it and it’s fine with me. My album sells because of word-of-mouth. It is going to be repackaged with a new look and re-launched by Rock and Raga in September all over India.

In what way are you planning to promote your album?

I recently performed at the San Jao festival in Goa at Siolin. It was my first ever performance in Goa. I have played with a lot of bands in Mumbai, like Purple 5, Tribal Folks, Blue Butterfields, Alpha etc, as a base guitarist. I used to do back up vocals besides being a base guitarist

Is it true that Go Goa is the first album to have caller tunes?

I have the unique distinction of coming up with the first album to have caller tunes in all major mobile networks. In fact Neetu Chandra had downloaded my caller tune for about twenty days. She liked in particular the number Kedna Pasun. She told me that since she is not a Goan, she did not understand the music, but she liked the song very much. She told me that reluctantly she had to change my caller tune when her movie 13 B was released, and she had to opt for a song from that movie, as her caller tune.

What has the response for your album been from Goan artistes?

I went to Remo to personally give him my album. He heard it and was kind enough to sms me late at night “Congrats, it is a great album”. Hema Sardesai’s husband- Xavier, also heard my album and complimented me.

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