Dudu, drugs and Goa’s destruction

Panaji, Jan 16 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) The covert drug activities in the coastal state of Goa has been uncovered with startling revelations that imprisoned Israeli drug dealer David Driham alias Dudu used foreigners to carry drugs to Goa.

Investigations by Goa anti-narcotics squad has revealed that Dudu would get consignments from Nepal, Manali, Nigeria, South America and Israel. Police sources say that Nepalis were his major target as human-carriers to transport ganja and charas in large quantity.

“Nepalis transported drugs through rail or buses. Whereas other drugs like cocaine, ecstasy tablets, LSD, MDMA, heroin and other synthetic drugs were transported to Goa through Nigerians, Russians, Israelis,” said the source, wishing anonymity.

ANC recently chargesheeted Dudu before the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Court, a year after he was caught with cocktail of narcotics running into several lakhs of rupees in February 21, 2010 near his house at Anjuna.

Since then he is lodged in Vasco judicial lock-up.

The chargesheet also reveals that the human couriers would cover the drugs tightly in condoms and plastics. On reaching Goa, the consignments immediately would be sold out to drug peddlers to re-sell the quantity in the market.

The takers reportedly were foreign tourists, students from other states and youth.

Dudu is making news even from prison bars after his sister Ayala and girlfriend Zarina conducted sting operation on police sub-inspector Sunil Gudlar selling drugs to them. The spy-cam video was first released to the state Home Minister Ravi Naik after which a local news channel telecast the tapes in parts.

The expose led to Gudlar’s suspension even as Special Investigation Team (SIT) is thoroughly probing into the case.

Dudu earlier was yet again in controversy after the jail guards found him operating his Facebook account wherein he uploaded photographs of his girlfriend.

“He reportedly was also linked to international drug peddlers Bakusha, Elan, Aliran and a local Sadananad Chimulkar who is now behind bars for possessing drugs,” he said.

Meanwhile, on one hand Ayala has been claiming her brother’s innocence, few of the recently released pictures by local English daily have once again exposed Dudu’s involvement in drugs scenario.

The pictures of Dudu and his associates show them allegedly doing drugs at a party at his residence, days before his arrest in February 2010.

“SIT is carrying out thorough investigation into the case…Media should cooperate with the police investigation and hand over the pictures to the investigating team as it would help the probe,” police spokesperson Superintendent of Police Atmaram Deshpande told reporters.

(Reporting by John Edwards)

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