Dress Code for Getting a Job In India: Expert Guide

AGB Jacket, Peplum Back Three Button: Perfect Interview Dress for Women
AGB Jacket, Peplum Back Three Button: Perfect Interview Dress for Women

London, Aug 30 (Calcutta Tube) Being dressed in a tight top or showing cleavage can nix a woman’s chances at the job interview.

Wearing a black bra underneath a white top is the next biggest dress-code mistake, says a new research.

It also showed that when men turn up in a badly ironed shirt or high waisted trousers, they are bound to ruin their chances of getting a job, reports the Daily Mail.

The survey of 2,000 employers, commissioned by clothes store TK Maxx, also found that a third of bosses make a decision in the first 90 seconds of an interview.

Experts warn that the extremely competitive job market means it has never been so important to dress appropriately, with hundreds vying for each post.

And 65 percent claim clothing could be the deciding factor if two candidates are neck and neck in other areas.

Recruitment manager Kieran How, from recruitment firm Eden Brown, said it was best to ‘play it safe’ at a job interview.

He said: ‘It is vital you give a good first impression by wearing the right clothes or you may have ruined your chances before you’ve even opened your mouth.

‘Some bosses may like to see a pretty girl in a tight-fitting top flashing a lot of cleavage but you rarely know who will be interviewing you.

‘It is advisable to play it safe by wearing well-fitted, ironed clothes in neutral colours. Men should shave, avoid comedy ties and pay just as much attention to their appearance as women.

‘Job interviews are not the place to try fancy dress or to show off your most revealing party clothes,’ How concluded.

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