Double Dhamaal-Upcoming Bollywood Film receives blessings from Aamir Khan

Mumbai, Sep 10 (Calcutta Tube) The launch of ‘Double Dhamaal‘ was truly special for producer Ashok Thakeria as Aamir Khan turned up for the event and remembered old times together.

The film’s launch, however, had been delayed by a day due to heavy rains in Pune.

‘It had been raining incessantly in Pune for the last three days. We had to postpone the shooting by a day. And look at the miracle. It hasn’t rained since we started shooting,’ Thakeria said.

And when Aamir met up with Thakeria and director Indra Kumar on the occasion of the producer-director team’s 25 years of professional togetherness, the actor, who has been part of their successful films ‘Dil’ and ‘Ishq’, got highly emotional.

Thakeria can’t get over how wonderful Aamir is at keeping up relationships.

‘To this day, Aamir invites both Indu (Indra Kumar) and me to watch every film of his and then we discuss it with him in detail. Just the other day, we were with Aamir watching ‘Peepli Live’ and then at his home till 5 a.m. talking about it,’ Thakeria said.

Thakeria is bowled over by Aamir’s memory recall. ‘I have forgotten many incidents. But Aamir remembers every detail. Aamir related a conversation with him that we had on the deck of the luxury ship where we shot ‘Mann’.

‘I couldn’t remember any of that conversation. Both he and Anil Kapoor who came to the mahurat (launch) of ‘Double Dhamaal’ just overwhelmed me and Indu with their warmth,’ he added

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