Don’t want to play Shahid in different costumes: Shahid Kapoor

Mumbai, May 1 (Calcutta Tube) Actor Shahid Kapoor, who broke out of the chocolate boy image in Vishal Bharadwaj’s ‘Kaminey’, says he doesn’t want to play himself in ‘different costumes’.

‘I don’t want to play Shahid in different costumes. I hope I can break that. It has happened a couple of times and I hope I can do it once in a while,’ Shahid told IANS.

Shahid feels that no actor is bigger than the script of the film he gets to do.

‘An actor can never be larger than the script. If the script provides you space where you can attempt something new, then one does it. Whenever I get these opportunities I take them,’ Shahid said.

‘I am neither as established as the three Khans nor as new as some of the people there right now. I am somewhere in the middle so I need to balance things out. I need to do different kind of films. I need to do something which is different.’

‘But at the same time I can’t do something so different that people can’t connect me with it. So it’s a thin line and at the end of the day you will have to choose from the films that are offered,’ Shahid added.

‘If a script excites me and if a character excites me, I take a leap of faith that I have liked it and now it’s up to us as a team to make it a good film,’ he added.

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