Dolly Bindra re-enters ‘Bigg Boss 4’

Mumbai, Nov 27 (Calcutta Tube) Loud-mouthed Dolly Bindra is back in ‘Bigg Boss 4’. The actress, who created havoc in the reality show with her vulgar verbal attacks on co-participants, made a re-entry Saturday morning.

Dolly was thrown out of the show along with actor Sameer Soni after they got embroiled in a heated discussion and were on the verge of hitting each other.

While Sameer made a re-entry Nov 22, Dolly has been called back on public demand to add spice to the show, according to channel sources.

Dolly’s entry, in a wooden box, will be shown on Monday’s episode.

‘Dolly was kept in a wooden box which was placed in the garden area of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. Then the housemates were woken up by blaring music. Sameer was called inside the confession room and was given the key to the wooden box. When they went to open it, Dolly came out of it and surprised everyone,’ the source said.

Dolly and Sameer were evicted soon after international celebrity Pamela Anderson entered the show. Though Anderson added chutzpah till the time she was inside the house, the show became quite boring without Dolly’s daily drama.

The show’s ratings are expected to get a boost once again with her entry.

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