Dirty Picture (2011)-Bollywood hindi Movie Review

Vidya balan in Film 'Dirty Picture'Dec 7, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Dirty Picture is a 2011 Bollywood Hindi movie directed by Milan Luthria with Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi, Tusshar Kapoor and others in the cast. Read the Hindi film review at Calcutta Tube.

Verdict: Outstanding Vidya`s Magnanimous Performance

Today in Kolkata and it`s suburb 211 shows of Dirty Picture are running in different auditoriums. Have you ever experienced an auditorium which as a whole thundering with shout and applaud? Have you ever heard mass whistling on seeing the heroin in the screen? I have had this experience at Talkie Show House at Shyambajar Kolkata, this evening with Vidya Balan. Exult audience with a flamboyant actress. As I have heard, producer Ekta Kapoor`s 21crore`s Dirty has accumulated 32.7 crores in the first 3days (as per another source it is 36crores). I know not Dirty is running in how many cinema halls in the country. It was released on 2nd December –the birthday of Smitha, the Silk Smitha famous for her erotic acting. There`s some similarity in upbringing between Vijoylaksmi , the then Silk and today`s Reshma , the Dirty Picture`s gallant Silk. Though Dirty picture seems to be a tribute to Silk Smitha in some way or other, Smitha`s acting was by and large erotic, but Vidya`s eroticism in Dirty is saturated with her acting talent. It`s fact that both Vijoylaksmi and Reshma came out of very poor family.

Vidya Balan-Bollywood ActressNow before we talk too much let us touch the storyline. The film starts with very young Reshma running away from her house just before her marriage. Then living in Chennai She begs here and there to act in movie. But she is refused and insulted. By chance and accident irresistible Reshma gets hold of a role in a film as a side dancer. Her revealing dress and erotic dance with a whip in hand eventually make a new scenario with a new name Silk being awarded by Selva Ganesh, the producer of that film. However the film’s director Abraham is seen to be much annoyed with Reshma`s eroticism. In her next film she is overwhelmed after meeting Suryakanth as her co-actor who has been her idol since her childhood. The hurdle then created by arrogant Suryakanth (his dialogue ‘do you know I have slept with five hundred girls` got sharp answer- “or it is five hundred times with one girl only’) is wiped out by Silk herself by sex and seduction establishing relationship with him. Then Silk with revealing clothes and seductive dances enacted in a lot of erotic movies with Suryakanth and eventually gathers a lot of male fans drooling over her. And thus in coarse of time she attains tremendous popularity and wealth as well. Suryakanth’s younger brother Ramakanth comes in the life of Silk who along with Ramkanth goes to meet her original mother who slaps the door on the face of her once Rehsma. In another incident at an award ceremony, Silk is being awarded for her performance but is also being abused by Suryakanth by saying that, she is the dirty secret that no one wants to expose in broad daylight. But Silk is happy in spending time with her new admirer and lover Ramakanth. The journalist Naila publishes an article in a newspaper where she accuses Silk of using both the brothers to get chances in the industry. So Suryakanth finally drops Silk from his forthcoming films forcing her to work with insignificant film makers. Unhappy about her losing stardom she is unable to concentrate on her work. Later at a party the scuffle between Silk and Shakeela causes embarrassment for Ramakanth and as a follow up he breaks off with her. Silk started to have an erratic livelyhood and thus being centre of ruthless media criticism. Abraham the one time hater develops a soft corner for her. At last Abraham is in love with Silk. But eventuality seems not to favor Silk or her love with Abraham. As Silk sharp before committing suicide she paints and dresses herself gracefully and goes to the final sleep like a queen. This reminds us also of Elizabeth Taylor`s Cleopatra in her death bed.

We described the story almost in detail to show how much wishful thinking is the motive force behind this film. The logistic of the story line is neither fantasy nor it belongs to magic reality. As it happens in most Bollywood films, the director as usual has enjoyed cinematic license beyond all norms. But still I must opine that Dirty Picture is a bit different from major mainstream films as per cinematography, directorial work (Milan Luthria) and story lines (Rajat Arora) are concerned. Due to rampant use of revealing dress and erotic dance, Dirty Picture might be a target of feminists, as in the film itself Silk becomes the then famous Anju Mahendra (fame due to West Indian legend Sobers) enacted Naila`s target. But true to the sense, Dirty Picture is a narration of undaunted struggle of a poor girl against venomous male domination and at the same time it`s a story of unfulfilled love of a passionate woman of extreme talent. The story as a whole is a make believe one. But there are certain patches which are far away from minimum reality.

On the other hand those make turning point of the film. One such is award giving ceremony where Naseeruddin Shah as Suryakanth looks helpless with that unpractical poor dialogue in a very poorly arranged scene. The scene with Shakilla (Shivani Tanskale) is another instance which can never be justified. But this episode brings end to her dreams with Ramkanth, played very well by Tusshar Kapoor. Why her venture as a producer with Rajesh Sharma as Selva ganesh miserably failed is again not justified. Kolkata based Rajesh has done his job extremely well. But these three episodes are the key points of dragging Silk to her end point. We listen the story of Silk from Abraham who have had an sizzling relation with Silk. Abraham is brilliantly enacted by Emraan Hashmi. As per the acting talent is concerned Vidya and Emraan run parallel. It`s true that Vidya has no inhibition of any kind and she has done a marvelous job sipping a cup of tea which was never been of her kind, but Dirty Picture is Silk`s story, the entire film is Silky. Rajat Arora has put arrow like sharp direct dialogues full of sexuality in the lips of Silk. Abraham on the other hand is cold low profile fighting for a cause which Bollywood rejects lock stock and barrel. In a sizzling film like Dirty Picture it`s very difficult to establish this type of role. But Emraan has done it.

Vishal-Shekhar composed five tracks for the film with Rajat Aroraa`s lyrics. . “Ooh La La,” was the first of the five released earlier. Bappi Lahiri, Shreya Ghosal, Sunidhi Chauhan and Kamal Khan are the singers. About Dirty Picture Someone commented, ‘it`s been a Hurricane…`.

Watching Dirty Picture is really something facing Hurricane!

– Pachu Ray


A baritone voice and unforgetable acting introduced Naseeruddin in Manthan three decades ago. Then after his name got entangled in art film culture. In the Hindi movie Tridev he got rid of this entanglement. There we first discovered Naseeruddin as a powerfull Bollywood dancer. In ‘Dirty Picture’ he is playing a typical role with a typical voice carrying forward Tridev in one hand and Manthan on the other.

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  1. Being a huge fan of Hindi films,I always enjoy this type of dramatic but realistic movie.Especially Dirty pictures have accumulated 32.7 crores in the first 3days due to its appropriate collaboration of Viday’s authentic performance with revealing dress and erotic dance that enhance smita’s actual personality.

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