Dirty and Cheap- Kashmera can’t tolerate co-campers of Iss Jungle!


After killing everyone’s happiness in Malaysian jungle, our lovable trouble-baby- Kashmera is happily back in the town. She is glad to break the pretentious happy jungle family, and shares her view on the jungle and its junglees with us.

What was the purpose of the secret mission?

They were all pretending to be like a happy family and would act upset when somebody is in the bottom two. They would not have come up in open, had I not gone and told them what the other person is talking about them behind their back.

Do you think your purpose is attained on the show?

I think I did more than what was expected of me. They thought I will take two days to cause trouble, but it all started off from the day one!

Though you were on a mission, still you were made to live the harsh life of jungle, how was the experience?

Insect bites were so harsh… I can’t even wax my legs now, until the bite gets cured. At times we would get phantom bites, we don’t realize something is biting and would wake up itching. Worst was the food, we use to get one cup of soya and half cup of rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each one would get 4 tsp of rice and 4 tsp of soya, if some is left then again one fourth to each. We had only hot water to drink. I would only eat rice and give my soya to others.

How much did you know about the show before entering the jungle?

Yes, I use to follow the show and had fair idea of what is happening in the jungle. Though they kept saying that I would be happy if Marc wins or Chetan wins, that’s not true, they will be only happy when they themselves would win.

What do you have to say about taking shower in bikini on national TV?

My option was to show up in bikini, or be dirty like Mona. As clothes would take three days to dry there, and also it use to rain frequently, so it’s better to take shower in bikini. You cannot even use perfume, as the smell would attract insects.

Did your opinion change about any contestant after living with them in jungle?

First I thought Marc is playing a subtle game, as being a reality show contestant I like people who are upfront. But when I went inside I realized he wasn’t necessarily playing the game, and even if he was, he was fair enough. About Aman, even I was influenced by the sting operation, I found him to be a loser when he made excuses like tummy upset to not do the task and I thought that his injury was fake, but when he opened up with me I got to know that he is bottled up. He told me once that Marc was the head of the gang. Now as he has gone, these people are walking around like headless chickens. I thought Jai is sweet guy, but now I don’t respect him anymore. People treat him like servant there.

Who do you think was close to being genuine on the show?

Only genuine person was Mika, everything he did inside he does it outside also.

Who do you think can make it to the top three?

Unfortunately, who would have made it to the finals are already out- Shweta, Aman and Marc. Seeing the current status, I think Mona, Chetan, and by default Jai will make it to the finals. I don’t think people want to vote for Akaassh anymore, and people find Anaida irritating, so they run no chance.

Are you comfortable being called a troublemaker?

That means most of the reality shows need me. I had not gone and made up things, I went and told them what I saw. My basic agenda was not to cause trouble, but to show the audience what it is. By the way, being a troublemaker on reality show is a very coveted position and I don’t think anybody else has it.

You made the jungle hell, but you left saying that you cannot live there?

Nobody was sad to see me go, because their attitude has become like raat ka khana aayega toh ek aur ka khana milega. So I said you guys are fighting for petty things, I don’t want your money; I think I can’t be in that class.

-Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn Media

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