Director Riingo on Bengali film ‘System’ (Interview)

Bengali Film maker RiingoAugust 1, 2011 (Calcutta Tube/ IBNS): Tollywood writer-director Riingo talks about his latest Bengali film ‘System’ that depicts the Bengal underworld. The director talks about his thoughts, techniques and cast. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

How would you describe ‘‘System’’ in one word?


How difficult was making this movie considering the fact that it’s a completely new venture?

Well it was quite difficult. The shooting method and the style of filming  were very difficult.

You have received a lot of praises for your technical superiority in the past. What is different about this film considering the technical aspect?

Everything in the film including the colour scheme is very different. So the look that you see in this film is quite different from what you have seen in the Bengali movies of the past. I’ve experimented with it and hopefully it is going to be good. If the audience likes it then I’ll be very happy.

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[ReviewAZON asin=”B003IPHW9G” display=”inlinepost”]What did you feel about the performance of the actors in the film including Sabyasachi Chakraborty?

Everyone was superb. You cannot disregard the performance of anyone. And there is nothing to say about Benuda (Sabyasachi Chakraborty). Benuda is Benuda. I just loved working with him. It was great.

You had originally started your career in advertising. What made you switch?

It’s not really a question of a switch. Ever since I was young, I always wanted to do something creative. After I did my MBA I joined an advertising agency but I soon found that the way I had envisioned advertising being made wasn’t the reality. I found that there were many things to learn. Then eventually I went to Bangkok where I learned several things about camerawork and eventually moved into filmmaking. I guess you can say that the creative urge that I had was my inspiration.

So was it a planned move or just an accident?

No it wasn’t a planned move. In fact I have never planned anything. Everything that has happened has been an accident and that’s what I think is best about life.

Do you have any plans for making a film in any other language other than Bengali? Perhaps a movie for the Bollywood audience?

Yeah may be. I want to make a movie in Hindi.

So what are your upcoming plans?

Right now I’m only concentrating on ‘‘System’’. We can talk about this later. It has been nine months since ‘‘System’’ began and I really want to think about only ‘‘System’’ now.

(Images by Avishek Mitra/Interview by Arnab Chakraborty)

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