Director Anthony D’Souza takes BLUE to LA!


By Joginder Tuteja

Director Anthony D’Souza along with A.R. Rahman have set camp in Los Angeles to get the mixing in place for their mega film BLUE. The makers of the film, which is less than a fortnight away from it’s release, are leaving no stones unturned to lend an international feel to the product which is touted to be the costliest ever to come out of Indian shores.

Says a source close to the project, "BLUE is huge by all standards and with the kind of technical finesse it boasts of, there was no way that any cost would have been spared during it’s post production. The makers didn’t hesitate at all to process the film’s mixing in LA. As we talk, Tony would already have completed a substantial part of the film’s mixing."

Rahman is known for being fascinated with the city of Los Angeles when it comes to recording and mixing of music. Even though he already has studios in Chennai and Mumbai, he is in the process of getting studios in Los Angeles (USA) and London (UK) as well. Since there is also an increase in his international assignments, it only makes sense for Rahman to have a worldwide presence through his studios.

Coming back to BLUE, the film is seeing an unprecedented excitement being built up around it. The advance booking at numerous leading multiplexes has already opened, even though the film is more than 10 days away.

-Sampurn Media

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