‘Dinosaurs Forever’ by William Wise

Aug 8, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): ‘Dinosaurs Forever’ is a book of poems by William Wise.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? I guess they are the most talked about prehistoric animals. We have been seeing them in films, cartoons, books, pictures and no matter how much we are interested in them, it is never enough.

[ReviewAZON asin=”014230123X” display=”inlinepost”]Remember when we saw Jurassic Park? We were in total awe of the gigantic creatures. Our interest and excitement about dinosaurs is never ending. No matter what much grown up we are, we never outgrow dinosaurs.

There were many different kind of dinosaurs that lived long long ago and ruled the earth for ages! They came in different shapes and sizes, had different habits and habitats. Of course, we humans were not back then. And yet scientists have discovered so many interesting facts about dinosaurs.

‘Dinosaurs Forever’ is a fun book. It is collection of poems on dinosaurs that very perfectly and efficiently blends science and poetry. If you love poetry and love dinosaurs or either one, there is pretty high chance that you will love this book. The author perfectly dedicates his poems to anyone ‘Whether eighty or eighty four / Ever has loved a dinosaur’.

Young readers can learn basics on different kinds of dinosaurs – old dinosaur, small dinosaur, shy dinosaur, dinosaur babies and so on. And some dinosaurs have really big names. The different ages they lived in have names too. To help with those names, there is a pronunciation guide for terms like Jurassic, Cretaceous, Tyrannosaurus etc that will can be beneficial.

The illustrations by Lynn Munsinger are awesome and makes the book complete and lively.

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