Dhol 2007 Bollywood Movie Review, Trailor

Dhol 2007 Bollywood Movie Review, Trailor
Cast: Sharman Joshi, Tusshar Kapoor, Kunal Khemu, Tanushree Datta, Rajpal Yadav, Om Puri, Payal Rohatgi, Arbaaz Khan ….full Starcast
Director: Priyadarshan
Music Director: Pritam
Rating: 2/5

One Line Reveiw: Dont expect much from the movie as Priyadarshan never managed to take his talents back to Hera Feri of Hungama.

It seems like Priyadarshan is still trying to search his true identity. Also, it seems that he has too many ideas that he is too keen to use too many times in too many films. Bhagam Bhag was slightly different but his latest DHOL is completely worthless. Sharman Joshi — remember him as the great guy of the movie STYLE. He is a great actor and comedian. Pridarshan failed to use him or any other in his film. The only person to watch is our dearest Rajpal Jadav. But it is Rajpal Jadav who will make anything great for any film director.

The story is a punch of thriller and love and …you know all that stuff. Four guys Pankaj or Pakkya ( Sharman Joshi), Sameer (Tusshar Kapoor), Gautam or Goti ( Kunal Khemu), Makrand or Maru (Rajpal Yadav) in search of their fortune and future. They live together and do nothing but think about bright future! After they were denied for a bank loan, they had no ther option than to find a rich girl and get married. So, like numerous other bollywood films they also strart trying their luck with every single girl in town. Ritu Tripathi (Tanushree) happens to come into the city as their rich neighbour and all four get into wooing her, each trying to outdo the other. Ritu came to city to find out more about the death of her brother. The four guys decide to start a play and they pretended to be the best friends of Ritu’s brother.

Well stop here for a minute. and think. Why on earth we need such a MEAN script to make a comedy movie? It seems meaner the plot is better for the crowd! Now lets go back.
Well, they all become big liers. Their drama continued till they were caught up by Sophia – another sexy girl in this movie! Then Zikomo (Murli Sharma) came into action. The viewed made aware that Zikomo was looking for a DHOL!

The story of the film is worthless and Priyadarshan failed to pay proper attention to every character. The character of Arbaz Khan should have been lot better. The DHOL is one one the craziest idea I have ever seen in my whole life.

Pritam’s music was okie. The film has only few funny scenes to remember so just watch if you have to and forget all about it. Performance is one thing that people could look forward to. While Sharman and Rajpal Yadav are as good as usual with their comic timings, Kunal Khemu reveals his funny side with Dhol. Chemistry between all four guys is good. Among others Rasika Joshi (known for playing Tusshar’s tyrant mother in Gayab) comes up with some superb moments in the film. Tanushree need to dress better and lose some weight.

So, my search for another good Priyadarshan movie continues. …..when should I get it? Dhol Bajne Laga?






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