Dhobi Ghat-Hindi Movie-Aamir Khan

Dhobi Ghat-Hindi Movie-Aamir Khan

Dhobi Ghat is an forthcoming Hindi Movie by Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan’s wife, with Aamir in it.

Coming straight from the horse’s mouth Finally Aamir Khan has come to light, and talks err, blogs about doing his wife Kiran Rao’s film- Dhobi Ghat. Initially there was just the talk around the town about his presence in the flick, with him furiously refusing to even comment on the same. But now the cat is out from the bag.

“I am playing one of the leads in Kiran’s film Dhobi Ghat. The reason we kept this under wraps is that she didn’t want to attract much attention towards her film,” Aamir states in his blog.

“She wanted to make this film on real locations, with a tiny crew in very guerrilla style. So we had to do it very quietly. And for once, we managed to keep a secret from the media, at least until we finished the shoot. Actually I think I spoke about it in an interview right after we finished the shoot, so I’m surprised people are reacting now,” he adds.

Alongside he is very excited about his upcoming film 3 Idiots, but he promises to stay away from smoke till the release. “I’m getting butterflies in my stomach already. But this time I will NOT smoke. No matter how nervous I get…”

Aamir even if you do reach out for that puff, just have a look at your preggy wife, you don’t need to be informed on how harmful second hand smoke is for baby.

- Bollwyood news and gossips / Rachana Trivedi/ Sampurn

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  1. hi boss amir khan ek tum hi ho jis se kuch sikhne ko milta hai. kismat sath de na de mager tumhari sikh jindagi jine ka ek naya maksad hai

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