‘…Dharamyudh’ sets ransacked by angry villagers

Mumbai, Feb 8 (Calcutta Tube) The sets of Zee TV’s ‘Apno Ke Liye Geeta Ka Dharamyudh’ were ransacked by a few angry villagers in Naigaon here Tuesday morning, said a source from production house Shreya Creations.

‘The sets were ransacked by angry villagers… there was a lot of tod phod (damage), the windows were broken, and then the police intervened,’ said the source.

The incident happened as a result of some misunderstanding.

‘Basically, there was a production guy from another set close to our set in Naigaon. That guy got into a fight with a villager. Angry villagers just stormed into our set and started damaging it without even checking if the man who fought with the villager was from our set.

‘They ransacked Shreya Creations’ set by mistake, thereby giving heavy loss to the set and it led to the stalling of the shoot,’ the source added.

The show narrates the story of Geeta, played by Sargun Mehta, who takes a stand against the misuse of Sec 498A, which aims to protect women from domestic violence and abuse.

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