Dhakee (2009)

Dhakee is the latest melodramatic Bengali film by director/actor Shatabdi Roy. The tale of a rural drummer.

Dhakee (2009) Bengali Movie Review
Direction/Screenplay/Dialogue: Shatabdi Roy
Produced by : Debendra Kuchar
Music Direction: Tanmay Bose
Cast: Tapas Pal, Shatabdi Roy, Santu Mukherjee, Kharaj Mukherjee, Sanghamitra Banerjee
Cinematography: Badal Sarkar
Editing: Saumitra Khanra

Dhakee - The Bengali film
Dhakee - The Bengali film

Dhakee means old fashioed Drummer. Not the drummer we are now seeing in popular Bangla Bands. Dhakee’s are usually seen only during the main Hindu Pujas. Speciall Durga Puja. However, the profession of Dhakee is not enough to feed one’s family thought the year. The latest Bengali Film directed by Shatabdi Roy deals with the trouble of a rural drummer that he faces in his life. Tapas Pal played the lead role in the Movie. Dhakee has been a family profession for Tapas Pal (aka Netai) for many generations. Tapas Pal lives with his wife Shatabdi Roy (aka Panchami) and their daughter Dashami. Tapal Pal dreas about establishing hiself as one of the most successful and honorable Dhakees of the world but realized that he can not earn enough money in this profession. Shatabdi Roy always motivates Tapas Pal in his life. However when their daugher gets sick Tapas Pal needed some quick and large money. Unfortunately he is not offered the regular Durga Puja job in his village. He goes to city to play in city puja paldals but could not save his daugher when he returns hoe with money.

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