Dev and Subhashree Interviewed Together

Dev and Subhashree Interviewed Together

Dev and Subhashree both were interviewed by CalcuttaTube separately. Now CT journalist Moumita Sarkar cought them together for another short CT Exclusive interview. The couple from the strong going  plus record breaking movie Challenge  by Raj Chakraborty - “Dev and Subhashree” come to CalcuttaTube again. Check out and enjoy some exclusive photographs taken during the exclusive interview also. Let’s check out the couple also signed up for “Pran Jay Jaliya Re“.
Dev and Subhashree - Interview couple

Dev and Subhashree - Interview couple

Hi , I am Moumita Sarkar.

I have taken a short interview of Dev & Suvosree on 13th April,2009 at Hebra as they spent 45 minutes .Both had come at Hebra ( Ruphkatha Cinema Hall)  For their film ( Challenge ) promotions .
Interview with DEV:

Q- How do you feel to be here ( Ruphkatha Cinema Hall) ?
Dev – ( A big smile ) great .

Q – What about the crazy audience ?
Dev – We have received so much response from here . We are not able to go out side because of so much crowd ( smile) .

Q – From where Challenge gets so much response in west Bengal ?
Dev – Do you believe me ? To be honest we have been getting same response from every where. Behind every success film has a great director . producer , technicians ,,spot boy & we feel proud for it . ‘’ Challenge’’ is a dream project of us .We have worked hard for the film .We wanted to take away ‘’ Challenge’’ to a different level & we have achieved it . So, I feel great. Thanks to Raj Chakroborti , Venkatesh films & Suvosree Ganguli .

Q – Give message for ‘‘Calcutta Tube’’ user ?
Dev –  ( wow….smile. . .  ) I can’t leave without yours support , love . I hope in future it will be continued .It just a beginning ,long way to go .Please pray for me, love me & keep watching my movie .Thank you.

Thank you Dev for giving your valuable  time .

Interview with Suvosree

Q- How do you feel ,getting so much response for your film ?
Suvosree- I feel very good because it’s my dream project with big star cast &Venkatesh films. I expected a lot but I am getting more than that my expectations .

Q- Working with Dev , how it was ?
Suvosree- Great, I have nothing to say about his work , dedications .He is very passionate. First of all , he is human before a hero .I believe him blindly .

Q- Your next film ( Pran jai jaliye re) co-star is Dev again so, how are you preparing yourself for your up coming film ?
Suvosree- My character in this film is so different among my past movies. I have done workshop . Most of it ,I have to lose my wait for demand of character .

Q- How are you feeling to be here ( Ruphkatha Cinema hall ) ?
Suvosree- Very good , today my health is not well, even I can’t seat well in car. As I reach here , instantly I feel charged. I forget my all illness . Feeling very well at the moment .

Q-Give message for  ‘‘ Calcutta Tube’’ user ?
Suvosree- Love me so much . Keeping watching my movie .Thank you so much .

Thank you Suvosree for giving your valuable  time.

Exclusive Photo Session during Interview

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  1. Devnita Pal says:

    Great. THANKS A LOT. Simply Fatafati.

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  3. susmita says:

    khub bhalo hoeche pic gulo  mou. dev ke moner kathata janale?

  4. Ankan Basu says:

    Good to see you here Sus. Hope you are doing wonderful.

  5. susmita says:

    ya fine .trying to do

  6. Comment hai sush
     first of all thank u so much. tomake khub miss korchilam .well come back .bye .

  7. sananda says:

    thank u so much 4 d wonderful photos…………

  8. soham says:

    after a long time time idid watch agood bengali movie my message to all calcutta tube users plz go and watch the movie

  9. chinmoy (babu) says:

    hi my name is chinmoy roy,and i love manti,and i like dev and subhashree.

  10. jafor says:

    i love subhashree and dev also.the movie ”challenge”

  11. jafor says:

    i love subhashree and dev also.the movie ”challenge” is great.

  12. Joseph Vitkus says:

    Moumita, Did you go to Assemblies school in Calcutta as a little girl? IOf so, I was your Mission of Mercy sponsor for a couple of years and that waqs about 17-18 years ago! I’m still praying for you and never forgot you. Be blessed, connect w/me on Facebookm if it’s you.

  13. Rimpa says:

    dev& subhasree tomether dujon k khuv valo lage.tomra aro flim koro pls.i love u too………..

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  15. I love you dev.h r uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    i miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    i like youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  16. i love you dev da very much..
    i really miss u..
    i am shaan.. plz talk 2 me…
    thanks dev da..

  17. Goutam Roy says:

    Deb je ki flop movie kore , valo lage na . so movie-e duplicate kore …. Oke bolun na Prasenjit-r moton Movie korte.

  18. Rohit says:

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! Dav & Subhashree How r u?I think fine.Tomadar dujon k khub valo laga.Tomra r picture kano bar korcho na?Plz plz plz r o picture bar koro.Ami wait kora achi tomadar dujon k ak satha dhakbo bola.Plz Dav tumi Subhashree ar satha LOVE koro.O khub sexy & lovely.Tomar satha darun manay o k.
    By……..By………Dav & Shubhashree.

  19. Rohit says:

    Dev & Shuhashree Plz tomra aktu amar hoyan Upar ar Rimpa nama maya taka bola dow ami o k or name dhaka valobasha falache.R o jodi amar satha jogajog korta chai tahola amaka mail address a Email korta bolo plz.

    DAV & SUBHASHREE:Rimpa Rohit tomaka tomar name dhaka valobasha falacha,tumi jodi amadar valo basha thako ta hola tumi uporar oi mail address mail kora or satha jogajog koro khub taratari.Tomadar love sofol hola amadar janieo plz.

  20. SALIM ALI. says:

    tomader dujon ke khub bhalo lage. ami tomader dujoner ek ta cinema dekhte chai.

  21. SALIM ALI. says:

    i love u shubhasri.

  22. Tamal Kanti Ghosh says:

    Hi, DEV da I am Your Die Hard Fan.

  23. i love suvosree very much.she is my like wife.she is one of my best ilove her.

  24. tanumoy says:

    i love u shubhasri.u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet.

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