Desingers Lecoanet-Hemant’s first solo show Sept 9, Mumbai- ode to sari

New Delhi, Sep 7 (Calcutta Tube) Designer duo Lecoanet-Hemant, who moved base here from Paris a decade ago, are excited about their first solo show Sep 9 in Mumbai where they will pay an ode to the most beautiful garment on the earth – the sari.

‘The oldest thing I remember in the history of life is sari. This five-yard wonder is popular in not only India but all around the globe. We have been taking inspiration from this fantastic garment for a long time now,’ Hemant told IANS in an interview.

‘We have been inspired by techniques of weaving and draping that you will see in our western silhouette line – how we have used those drapes in it,’ he added.

The internationally acclaimed designer duo – Hemant Sagar and his French partner Didier Lecoanet – have been designing since 1984. Though their haute couture was selling like hot cakes in India, the two, shifted their base to Delhi in 2000 and there has been no looking back for them ever since.

They have been showcasing at various fashion weeks in the country, but decided on their first-ever solo fashion show this time.

Titled ‘Red Carpet’, the line promises to be a combination of ultra-chic and glamour with an edge.

‘This time we thought we wanted to do something on our own. There are a lot of things one can’t do while associated with these weeks – like you don’t get to choose your own models. So, in our solo show, everything is just avant garde – starting from models, to accessories, to the collection – it will be just a big affair,’ said Hemant.

They design under the label Lecoanet Hemant and are known for their clean cuts and perfect silhouettes. They say they are now trying to become a brand in India.

Talking about their red carpet line, Hemant says there is a lot of invention in terms of rugged and raw silk, leather, satins, printed organza, feathers, sliced furs, embroidery inspired by bee-hives and honey bees, textures of rain falling down in coloured format.

‘You will see a lot of drapes, embellishments and layered dresses in this line, which are sometimes separate and sometimes wrapped up, encircled in metallic chains,’ said Hemant.

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