Designer Sabyasachi adds ‘Fashion Recipes’ to Kolkata’s Taj Bengal

Kolkata, Sept 14 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Ace fashion designer Sabyasachi on Wednesday infused the ‘flavour of his soul’ into his favorite restaurants at Taj Bengal in Kolkata as part of Taj series on “Soul Ingredients”.

Sabyasachi, while taking a gastronomic journey, spoke to IBNS about his favorite food, and how he incorporated ‘smell, light and colour’ to create an ‘unique’ ambiance for Soku, Chinoiserie, and Sonargaon restaurants.

The eleven-day event kicked off here on Wednesday.

While adding ‘Fashion Recipes’ to Taj Bengal, the designer made sure that the theme of each restaurant touched all the five senses. He himself has chosen many of the recipes on the menu with the help of master chefs.

Being a self-declared foodie he said “food acts like an anti-depressant” for him.

He said that the theme of Soku was traditional, conservative with a modern touch to it.

“I have inserted different hues in the commercial space (restaurant) without taking the vive and theme of the restaurant,” he said.

Sabyasachi designed the menu card with brocade in neutral gold with contrast of shocking yellow inside.

He used colours like green, white milk, and red rose- which is the theme of Soku, with cinnamon sticks to decorate the table thus creating a perfect ambience. The music too was fusion of modern and traditional.

Tabbouleh, he said was his favorite among the Middle Eastern foods.

Master Chef Simon Chakour said that the menu was an incorporation of recipes from different Eastern Mediterranean countries mainly Lebanon and Syria.

The theme of Chinoiserie was ‘Bergamot’ which was used to create in Sabyasachi words ‘woody dark forest’ ambiance.

The menu and chandelier was coloured red and the red rose with little twigs set on the table created ‘classic controlled ambiance’, said Sabyaschi.

The menu designed by him in oriental floral print in red silk added to the ambiance.

Master Chief Lion Yon said that the theme of the menu was a mix of Schezwan and Cantonese cuisine.

Chinese greens, peking duck, crispy chili chicken, and fried Hakka noodles were few of the mouth watering dishes provided by the restaurant.

Sabyasachi remembering his first meal at Sonargaon, which provides pan-Indian cousin, at the age of 15 said the restaurant still fascinates him.

The designer said he wanted to keep the rustic, charming, retro, folk look of the restaurant for which he used “genda phol (marigold), red dry chilies, turmeric, black cardamom and lime” to decorate the table. The strong smell of lime was used to add freshness, he added.

The restaurant which has a very Bengal village feel to it provides typical Bengali food like polangshager chorchori, mochar ghunto,ilish bhaja,and misti doi to name a few. They also serve North Indian dishes like baigan mirch salan, palak dahi kofta,ets.

Being a gourmet he said he enjoyed this experience but his comfort food is “kichri with loads of ghee”.

Sabyasachi said he has designed cloths for Shridevi for the upcoming movie “English Vinglish”.

The fondest food memory he remembers was when he ate at a dhaba near Puri in Orissa, which he says was a “spiritual experience”.

Giving some fashion tips for the upcoming Durga Puja, he said that one should “go traditional”.

He suggested saree and kurtis for women and churidar kurtis and dhotis for men.

Sabyasachi will be participating in the Bridal Asia 2011-Kolkata.

(Reporting by Nawaneeta Subba)

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