Designer Arnab Sengupta and DARBARI fashion collection

Classics are always classic, says designer Arnab Sengtupta, who showcased his ‘Darbari’ collection for the Dubai Fashion Week. IBNS correspondent Gourav Mukherjea chats up with the ace designer in Kolkata

What’s the uniqueness of ‘Darbari’ collection?

For Dubai Fashion Week, I thought of many periods and then selected the Hydrabadi Nizami Mughal art form, as it was untouched; and choose their style for my designs.

You are often regarded as a traditional designer?

May be, but my motto is to relate my work with the Indian culture. Like, in London Fashion Week, I showcased the Rajasthani art form and for the Dubai Fashion Week, I choose to display the Hydrabadi ‘Darbari’ style.

How many garments will you showcase for the Dubai Fashion Week?

In Dubai I am going to showcase some of my 30 garments completely dipped in traditional Hydrabadi art and texture. My show ‘Darbari’ will be on October 28 at ‘Jumerah’, The Atlantis Hotel.

What are the main influences behind your creations?

All my designs are influenced by the Deccan art and style and have used a lot of fabrics. Like velvet, net, muslin, silk, Georgette embroidered in Anarkalis, antic brocades, lahengas, sarees;…and a variety of pearls to create the essence of Hydrabad.

Is there any particular reason for selecting the Nizami style for your creations?

Nizams are always very close to my heart and I had researched a lot while I was a student. So, for my latest show, I choose the Hydrabadi style and texture. In short, it is a revival of the 1700 Mughal’s grandeur.

Colour selection of your designs are also very flamboyant?

I choose mainly emerald green and wine red for my creation, as they are very dominant and royal colours. And in Dubai, a mass of people prefer traditional courtly appearance in their attire. So, I think my work will get appreciation. As it is, classics are always classic.

You will be sharing stage Manish Malhotra?

I don’t believe in sharing stage with others. Everyone’s creations are unique and exclusive, so sharing platform doesn’t matter a lot at such events.

Who is going to be your showstopper?

No showstopper this time. I have a lot of friends- Rituparna (Sengupta), Raima (Sen), Mandira (Bedi)-they have all attired my collection earlier. But this time, I am completely concentrating on my creations and giving much emphasize on them.

Have you launched your collections in the global market?

Yes, I have. My collection labelled- ‘Arnab Sengupta’ are available in many designer stores in India, Dubai, London.

Any plans for Kolkata?

I am planning a workshop for Kolkata and it is going to be in Salt Lake.

(Photo by Avishek Mitra/IBNS)

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