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Seek no meaning from junior Dhawan’s debut feature Desi Boyz and you shall return happy. While Rohit has followed in the footsteps of papa David with a shoddy comedy that almost turns a quirky idea meaningless, the “Garam Masala” Jodi keeps a smile glued to your face.

The background

Well it is all about the recession. The economic breakdown and the devastation it brings to lives of people is an apt background indeed. Then there is the core idea that gives you a jolt- two hunks, namely Jerry (Akshay) and Nick (John) forced to walk down the path of moral abuse by selling their souls to the commercial devil called Desi Boyz, an emblem of the easy red light money that often lures people in need of the dough. Such a novel concept and yet that is where the credibility bulb blinks off. Next up is everything from the cliché menu- a goody two shoes orphan kid who just is every parent’s dream, a failure of society eventually sporting a brilliant rags to riches story, the lover’s quarrel, the eye-candies…. And well the list goes on. For the rest of the movie watch out for the slick dialogues and the dude chemistry coz nothing else will matter.

The story – 1.5/5

It has become somewhat of an incredulity in itself to witness the repetition of the similar mistakes in Bollywood for the last few years. Perhaps it is the money making machinery that forces film makers to totter down the lane of garish mediocrity but certainly the word ‘script’ has become unnecessary for a film.

It is even sadder for films like Desi Boyz because behind all the meaningless glitter a fine story is trapped. The idea that could have turned heads if used as a satirical or dark comedy becomes worthless in this light hearted one. It could have posed questions and could have offered solutions to the ones like the one Deepika asks towards the end (if you can get the image of fifty odd men drooling over my naked body then perhaps I will forgive you) but in the end the pith of this celluloid offering becomes too vapid.

There is every bit of the garbage amalgamation that has ruined every one of the recent films- an over the top father son love (technically not the father though), too many slutty women throwing themselves at the feet of these two rock star gigolos, court room gags, sexy teacher, patriotic verbatim and even the odd ‘Chatur’. All of these and many more formulaic offerings from the nineties mar the otherwise promising idea.

In short watch this film for everything else except a credible story line but I guess many of us already knew that.

The direction and technique – 2.5/5

The technical prowess of Bollywood has been on the rise and Desi Boyz is no exception to the rule. The presentation is slick and suave. The cinematography is nice and this feature is an exception from the Dhawan household in terms of cinematic visuals. It borders more along the path of the Dostana mould and thus is a treat for the eyes. The flow of the scenes are smooth as well.

The problem is really because of the character expositions and motivations that vacillate from some to none. The worst off are the girls (Deepika and Chitrangada) who actually have very little to offer except for their skin show. Even between them Chitrangada’s character as the sexy teacher comes across as forced and desperate instead of a heavenly unattainable aura that it should have sported.

The acting – 3/5

Hands off and hats in the air for the dude duo of this flick that made this otherwise shallow offering come alive. Akshay’s gag index has been on the recession mode for the past couple of years but he comes alive as Jignesh aka Jerry on screen in Desi Boyz. He along with John offers a spicy chemistry that gives you the paisa vasool feeling at the end and for that kudos to them.

As for Deepika, her presence is quite vapid to the movie and she fails to display the flare that one requires for this jolly offing and manages to be more of a hindrance unless she is showing off those pretty dimples.

Chitrangada is even more horrible with her frigid act and instead of sizzling on screen she appears timid and hackneyed. As the epitome of teacher fantasises she appears a little too aggressive and instead of taunting looks almost in a terrible hurry to get things done.

Sanjay Dutt’s cameo is delightful to watch and his antics offer several much needed gag scenarios.

Music – 3/5

Pritam’s music is befitting to this tale of worthless splendour and offers dj style dance masti tracks but not any soulful ones worth humming. The songs are rather of the use and throw kind; you enjoy them while the story unfolds but discard them from your mind once the film is over.

On the whole, not an absolute musical classic but still noticeable enough as party tracks.

Desi Boyz after Desi girl?

Not quite. It lacks the Dostana brilliance on all departments except the leading pair chemistry, which may even be a notch superior.

So if you are the kind that loves to have a blast of nonsensical laughter shows and not too critical about substance then give Desi Boyz a try, but if you are the analysing type then better carry aspirin for safety.


By Arnab Chakraborty/IBNS

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  1. Desi Boyz……………awesome movie to watch……john and akshay has proved once again that they rock in the world of comedy

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