Delhi to supply improved locally-brewed liquor

New Delhi, June 9 (IANS) Better quality locally-brewed liquor will be supplied in the national capital, Delhi Finance Minister A.K. Walia said Wednesday.

Walia said liquor will now be based on high-quality extra neutral alcohol replacing those made from rectified spirit.

He said a lot of impurities are removed during the distillation process of extra neutral alcohol.

‘However, the alcoholic strength of the country liquor has been retained at 28.5 percent, which in the case of whisky is 42.8 percent,’ the minister added.

‘This will not have any health hazard.’

About 45 lakh litres of local liquor are sold in Delhi on an average annually, purchased from 103 government-run shops.

With this, Delhi has become one of the few states in the country to supply local liquor based on extra neutral alcohol.

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