Delhi government plans to repair roads on city outskirts

New Delhi, Oct 18 (IANS) In a move that could face opposition from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), the Delhi government is planning to take over roads managed by the civic body in outer areas of the capital for repair and upkeep.

The public works department (PWD) of the Delhi government is collecting the photographs of the ‘broken’ and ‘mismanaged’ roads on the city’s outskirts, which, according to PWD Minister Raj Kumar Chauhan, seem as if they are cut off from the capital.

‘We have photographed a few roads in some of the areas of outer Delhi and will get some more during this week. These roads are pathetic – broken and mismanaged. Our legislators keep on asking us to improve these roads. But the MCD’s no-objection certificate will be required,’ Chauhan told IANS.

The minister said the help of Rural Board, comprising local legislator and MP, will be sought to go ahead with the plan to construct roads in those areas. ‘That will mean that Delhi government will take over the roads, whose length will be decided later, from the MCD,’ he added.

But, for doing this, the Delhi government will have to take the matter to the cabinet and, if necessary, it can be taken to the Delhi Assembly for its approval.

Chauhan said there will be no problem of funds as either the central or the state government will finance it.

According to a Congress party leader, the move comes as the people do not know which agency controls what areas in the capital. ‘They only know which government is in power in the state,’ he said.

So, according to the leader, the government will continue with its development plans in the rural areas to match them with those of central areas ahead of the next assembly elections.

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