‘Delhi Belly’ Hindi movie song ‘Bhaag DK Bose’ inspired by TV star Dolly Bindra

Mumbai, June 7 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Ever wondered who served as an inspiration to the song ‘Bhaag D. K. Bose’ from Imran Khan’s Delhi Belly, which is topping the charts these days? It is most likely to come as a shock but it is none other than the notorious television star Dolly Bindra.


[ReviewAZON asin=”B0053VLDTI” display=”inlinepost”]During the much talked about Bigg Boss 4 she was the only contestant who was using ‘Bose D. K.’ very religiously and got into regular tiffs with the fellow contestants on the show.


It is said that when the team took a break while they were editing the film they flipped through the channels they happened to come across her in one of the episodes of the reality show and soon it became a subject of laughter as well as inspiration for the team.


They started following her regularly and that’s when her pet word caught everyone’s attention compellingly and that how the idea of this song was conceived.


Akshat Verma, the scriptwriter of the film, says: “We all liked the keyword of our song Bhaag DK Bose, it’s very catchy and is part of the main vocabulary of today’s youth and fitted our song and story concept just right.”

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